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NBC4 Snags WTOP’s Mark Segraves

Everybody's leaving WTOP! Just days after station vice president and format mastermind Jim Farley announced he's leaving the station at the end of 2013, news comes that WTOP local politics reporter Mark Segraves is headed to NBC4.
Segraves, who starts his job on Feb. 11, will work as a general assignment reporter for the station, where, [...]

Vacations and Other Casualties of Kwame Brown’s Resignation

The news out of the Wilson Building last week was of the real earth-shaking variety. And no, we don't mean the resignation and guilty pleas by former D.C. Council Chairman Kwame Brown—but rather, the drama encountered (or ginned up?) by the press corps covering it all.
In the rush to squeeze more news out of Brown [...]

The Needle: Burglar Bowels Edition

Leave Only Footprints: There's no telling what a burglar will do when he or she breaks into an unattended house—rummage around, take valuables, use the bathroom. That was the modus operandi of whoever broke into a home in Vienna last week. The owners came home to find the doors unlocked, nothing taken, and some shit [...]

Charter Co-Founder, Ex-Mayoral Mom Calls WTOP Reporter the ‘Great White Father’

Virginia E. Hayes Williams says she sees the same potential in D.C.'s teenagers that she saw in her own children, including Anthony A. Williams. She wants to give them a good education, the kind that might one day land them in the mayor's office. "We hope and pray to start another school," Williams said.

Fenty Breaks from Storm Planning for ‘Athletic Release’

Not even the aftermath of an historic blizzard and today's scary forecast could keep Mayor Adrian M. Fenty from getting his "athletic release." WTOP's Mark Segraves reports via Twitter that Mayor Adrian Fenty still managed to get in a few reps today. Segraves writes:
"As region prepares for more snow, DC Mayor Fenty is taking time [...]

Obama Calls WTOP, Delays Traffic and Weather

"Barry from D.C." called in to WTOP's Ask the Governor today, where Tim Kaine was taking a final bow as Virginia's chief exec.
Barry, it turned out, was President Barack Obama, offering his good wishes to Kaine as he leaves office.
Hosting that day was WTOP reporter Mark Segraves, who says he was only informed of the [...]

Sexual Orientation Hate Crimes Jump In Wards 7, 8

According to new D.C. Police data [PDF], there has been a total of 36 hate crimes committed in the District  as of September 30. That's about the same for 2008 and 2007's totals of 38.
By far, the majority of hate crimes have revolved around sexual orientation. As of Sept. 30, there have been 31 such [...]

WTOP’s Mark Segraves to Get TV Show

It's been a good week for WTOP reporter Mark Segraves. On Monday, he broke a story about Mayor Adrian M. Fenty's use of public resources to facilitate his bike training rides. Now, he tells LL, he's inked a deal to host his own TV show.
No name has yet been determined, but starting next month, Segraves [...]

Chief Cathy Lanier: The True Victim Of Fenty’s Latest Scandal

Don't you pity D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier? Murders are way down. And she's stuck defending Fenty's latest mini scandal. This past week, WTOP broke the news on Fenty's police-escorted bike training sessions. During his training, Fenty was able to ride wherever with the help of some D.C. Police motorcycle cops. This has provoked widespread [...]

WTOP: Fenty Uses D.C. Cops to Escort Cycling Team

WTOP's Mark Segraves has the hot scoop: He is reporting that Mayor Adrian M. Fenty regularly uses motorcycle-mounted police to escort his cycling team as they train throughout the District and Maryland. This happens during weekday business hours, leading to traffic backups.
Moreover, Segraves says, Fenty and his team, D.C. Velo, use the cops to run [...]

Nickles on WTOP: I Will Hunt Down Leaker

This morning, Attorney General Peter J. Nickles appeared on WTOP's Politics Program with Mark Plotkin to discuss a variety of matters.
Mark Segraves, who also questioned Nickles, already posted an item about Nickles' strong statements on Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry. Asked if not paying your taxes should disqualify a person from public office, Nickles said [...]

Where’s Adrian Fenty?

No one knows where Mayor Adrian M. Fenty is today, Mark Segraves reports for WTOP:
A spokesperson for Fenty refused to say where the mayor is today, whether or not he's in the country, or how long he will be gone....
D.C. Council Chairman Vincent Gray, who is second in the line of succession to the mayor [...]

Council vs. Media Hoops: It’s On!

WTOP's Mark Segraves just sent out the news blast to us reporter types: The first D.C. Council–Local Media basketball showdown is set.
The battle will be at 4 p.m. on Monday, March 9, at Verizon Center. It takes place 90 minutes prior to the City Title basketball game between the DCIAA and WCAC champs. Not sure [...]

Gray Kicks Segraves Out of Council Meeting

Did Vincent Gray break his campaign promise to keep D.C. Council meetings open?
Yesterday morning, WTOP reporter Mark Segraves went to a meeting of councilmembers in the John A. Wilson Building. Segraves entered the meeting room and sat down, but before the meeting got underway, Council Chairman Gray called Segraves into his office to tell him [...]