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Wells Camp Slams WUSA9 Over Botched Resignation Call

Enjoy your weekend, Washington, but be warned: the federal investigation into Vince Gray is making the political atmosphere in this town so heated, anyone could be accused of calling for the mayor's resignation at any moment. You're walking your dog...boom, you've denounced the mayor. You're cooking dinner...boom, you've denounced the mayor. You're taking a nap...boom!
Or [...]

Vacations and Other Casualties of Kwame Brown’s Resignation

The news out of the Wilson Building last week was of the real earth-shaking variety. And no, we don't mean the resignation and guilty pleas by former D.C. Council Chairman Kwame Brown—but rather, the drama encountered (or ginned up?) by the press corps covering it all.
In the rush to squeeze more news out of Brown [...]

The Needle: Say It Ain’t So, Plotkin, Edition

Peace Out, Plotkin: Just the other day, we at Washington City Paper had a little laugh at the expense of WTOP's Mark Plotkin, poking fun at his obsession with symbolic slights against D.C.'s colonial status. Little did we know that'd be our last chance! Plotkin, a fixture on the District's airwaves for decades, was canned [...]

Gray Wasn’t Invited to the SOTU. So What?

WTOP's Mark Plotkin is not pleased that President Barack Obama neglected to invite Mayor Vince Gray to the State of the Union address tonight.

Talk about a non-story!
True, Gray has never been invited to the speech by the president—he attended last year as a guest of Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (although, based on her less-than-pleased tone [...]

The Needle: Be Afraid Edition

Doors Closing: Being a concerned citizen in these times of terror requires a lot of fear; if you're not constantly worried some lunatic is going to blow you up, you're not holding up your end of the bargain. Still, it's hard to muster the requisite level of alarm over the latest arrest involving some guy [...]

Nickles on WTOP: I Will Hunt Down Leaker

This morning, Attorney General Peter J. Nickles appeared on WTOP's Politics Program with Mark Plotkin to discuss a variety of matters.
Mark Segraves, who also questioned Nickles, already posted an item about Nickles' strong statements on Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry. Asked if not paying your taxes should disqualify a person from public office, Nickles said [...]

Mark Plotkin Gets Into It With Robert Gibbs

WTOP's Mark Plotkin bought Obama press secretary Robert Gibbs a radio (he'd said he didn't have one). Then he proceeded to press Gibbs on why Obama has yet to put "Taxation Without Representation" license plates on the presidential limo. Gibbs is very nice about it:

Is Jack Evans Responsible for Thad Cochran’s DCHVRA Vote?

LL watched the Senate cloture vote yesterday in the press gallery beside WTOP's inimitable Mark Plotkin. We both struggled to hear the votes as they were called—helped not at all by Plotkin's stream of anecdotes stretching back well into the '70s and beyond.
Then we heard: "Senator Cochran, aye."
Thad Cochran? Republican of Mississippi? Gentleman Southerner? Certainly [...]