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Our Dos and Don’ts for Celebrating Legal Pot

Do: Get really high. Don't: Smoke in public.

What the Heck Happened to D.C.’s Legal Marijuana Yesterday?

The attempt by Congress to hijack local laws (again), explained

Congress to D.C.: You Can’t Legalize Marijuana

A spending bill to fund the government would block the District's legalization ballot measure.

The Needle: Manic Monday

A Monday to Get Excited About: The weekend will be on the chilly side, but we can expect a "spring-like warm surge" on Monday. +5
A Fall Christmas: D.C.'s fifth-most listened to radio station, WASH-FM 97.1, turned over to all Christmas music today. Let's wait until at least after Thanksgiving for such drastic measures, DJs. -2

City Paper Will Pay Your $25 Marijuana Fine

At midnight tonight, the District's law decriminalizing possession of less than an ounce of marijuana for personal use takes effect. Get stopped with a small amount of weed in your pocket today, and you could be facing six months in prison and a $1,000 fine. Wait until tomorrow, and you'll pay just $25. (As the [...]

House Committee Votes to Block D.C. Marijuana Decriminalization Law

The District's law wiping out most criminal penalties for marijuana is officially under attack by national Republicans: The GOP-controlled House Appropriations Committee voted Wednesday to insert an amendment that would gut the decriminalization law into a massive—and unrelated—spending bill.
The amendment, introduced by Republican Rep. Andy Harris of Maryland, would prevent the city from spending any money to implement the law. All of the [...]

The Consequences of Smoking Pot in D.C. Depend on Where You’re Standing

Unless Congress objects, in July the Marijuana Possession Decriminalization Amendment Act of 2014 will take effect in D.C. But to say that pot will be decriminalized in the District would be an oversimplification. While possession will be reduced to a $25 civil fine, you still won’t be able to walk around with a lit joint. [...]

Ruth Marcus and David Brooks Smoke Pot: A Play in One Act

"For a little while in my teenage years, my friends and I smoked marijuana. It was fun."—David Brooks, the New York Times, Jan. 2, 2014
"Next time I’m in Colorado, I expect, I’ll check out some Bubba Kush. Why not?"—Ruth Marcus, the Washington Post, Jan. 2, 2014
SETTING: June, 2014. The bar of the Aspen Institute campus, [...]

Critical Grass: D.C.’s First Medical Marijuana Reviews

In D.C.’s fledgling medical marijuana regime, Warren was patient 3.
The makeup artist and hair stylist was the third person in the District to obtain a medical marijuana license after the city’s first legal dispensaries opened this summer, which, for now, makes him and fewer than 60 others members of one of D.C.’s most exclusive clubs. [...]

What Legalized Weed Could Look Like in D.C.

One Friday evening in the not-too-distant future, you leave the Metro after work and stop to do some errands on your way home. You pick up your dry cleaning. You swing by the grocery store to get some milk. And you’re going to a party later that night, so you stop at the liquor store [...]

Medical Marijuana: Better Late than Never?

After 15 years of waiting, qualified D.C. residents can now legally purchase medical marijuana. The city's first sale was made Monday night to a 51-year-old, HIV-positive Northwest resident at the Capital City Care dispensary. Regulated dispensaries have been in the works since the D.C. Council passed legislation approving them in May 2010, but the initiative [...]

The Needle: I Hate Lamp

Pot and Bothered: According to a new report by the American Civil Liberties Union, D.C. residents are arrested for marijuana possession at a higher rate than any other Americans. -3
Monster Catch: A fisherman from Spotsylvania County, Va., believe's he's caught the world's biggest snakehead. Spooky! +2
Erase for the Cure: The Susan G. Komen Foundation announced that next [...]

Before Armed March, Organizer Will Attend D.C. Toke-Up

Will activist Adam Kokesh stop getting arrested in time to get arrested at his July 4 armed march on D.C.? Despite getting arrested at a Philadelphia rally where protesters smoked marijuana earlier this month, Kokesh has started organizing another pro-pot event for June 8—and this time, it's in front of the White House.
Kokesh's Philadelphia arrest [...]

Organizer’s Arrest at Pot Rally Won’t Stop D.C. Gun March

Good news for the libertarian- or mischief-minded: The July 4 armed march on D.C. that has become a call for city-wide civil disobedience is still on. That's despite the arrest of march organizer Adam Kokesh in Philadelphia at a marijuana legalization rally over the weekend.
On his Facebook page, where the graphic at left appeared, Kokesh's [...]

Weed Certified: D.C.’s Medical Marijuana Rules Won’t Help Everyone

The D.C. government may not be sure the pain of Kristin’s endometriosis needs to be treated, but she is. “It can be very, very sharp and stabbing, it can be very deep and gnawing,” she says. “Sometimes it feels like all of your organs are being dragged out of your body.”
The 31-year-old Eckington resident, pictured [...]