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Marijuana Activists Plan to Bring 51-Foot Joint to Funk Parade on Saturday

It's back.

D.C. Council Votes to Ban Pot Clubs

The Council will have to vote on the ban one more time.

Marijuana Activists Will Demonstrate in Front of the White House Tomorrow With a ’51-Foot Joint’

They're meeting tonight to discuss final details for Saturday's protest.

Watch the Trailer for a New Web Series on D.C.’s Pot Industry

It's a comedy!

D.C. Council Tables Permanent Cannabis Club Ban, Approves Task Force to Study Them

Legal-weed advocates largely saw the vote as a victory.

One Kush God Detained, Another Told to Stop Dealing Edibles

Only one Kush God walks free

Joint Break: Majority of D.C. Voters Support ‘Cannabis Clubs’

But the D.C. Council may vote in favor of a permanent ban.

The D.C. Poll: District Voters on Pot, Minimum Wage, Football, and More

Plus: D.C. voters weigh in on a football stadium in D.C., naloxone, FreshPAC, and more.

D.C. Council Committee Approves Language for Permanent Cannabis Club Ban

A Council vote this afternoon was a low for legal marijuana advocates.

Marijuana-Distribution Arrests in D.C. Decreased More Than 80 Percent Between 2010 and 2015

According to data provided by the Metropolitan Police Department

Council Upholds Emergency Ban on Cannabis Clubs After Members Change Votes

Legislators ultimately voted to maintain a ban on marijuana in businesses for another 90 days, 9-4.

Police Arrest Two in Connection With Kush Gods Business

And charged them with distribution of marijuana.

At Legal-Weed Hearing, Advocates Threaten Ballot Initiatives Against Council

Adam Eidinger, the architect of the ballot initiative that legalized marijuana last year, says he'll propose more initiatives if he must.

District Line Daily: Pot in Private

The D.C. Council voted unanimously yesterday to ban marijuana smoking in private clubs or bars.

The 30 States Andy Harris Should Micromanage Before D.C.

D.C. ranks just 31st in financial reliance on the feds.