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Brauchli Doctrine Strikes Again?

Howard Kurtz this morning tells the tale of some high-stakes negotiations between Washington Post brass and the Pentagon over the paper's fresh scoop on the war in Afghanistan. The story, by legendary Postie Bob Woodward, conveyed the dire assessment of Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, the top U.S. and NATO commander in Afghanistan: Without troop [...]

Why Did the Washington Post Magazine Run Another Wanda Fleming Column?

A seasoned consumer of news had every reason to furrow a brow at the XX Files column in last week's Washington Post Magazine. The first-person essay touts the author's one-woman campaign against kiddie thieves in a local pharmacy.
Here's a sampling: "As the child scurries past me with his pilfered beverage, I reach out for the [...]

Freelancer to Brauchli: Quit While You’re Ahead

Matthew Mendelsohn isn't upset with Washington Post Publisher Katharine Weymouth, even though she may well have scuppered his 10,000-word piece on a quadruple amputee. She's still a good friend, he says. "I don't want Katharine to be exposed to this story."
His feelings about Executive Editor Marcus Brauchli aren't nearly as charitable. "Marcus should quit while [...]

Brauchli: Washington Post Swamped with Media Calls

Yesterday, I interviewed Washington Post Executive Editor Marcus Brauchli for a story I was writing on the Washington Post Magazine. I was working on allegations that Post Publisher Katharine Weymouth may have played a part in killing a magazine story written by a freelancer who happened to be a friend of hers.

WaPo Adjusts Working Hours

From this point forward, the Washington Post newsroom pledges to start buzzing long before, like, noon each day. More reporters and editors, says Executive Editor Marcus Brauchli, will start coming in earlier.
The reason for the switch? Check out the memo after the jump.

Washington Post‘s Robert Wone Story: Web Experiment?

Washington Post reporter Paul Duggan spent four months reporting and writing a two-part series on a juicy local murder case. The results were published on Monday and Tuesday, to great public acclaim. Yet faithful subscribers who scoop up their paper on the front steps each day found none of it in their pages—only a few [...]

Washington Post Follow-Up Re-Org Memo: Say What?

A couple of weeks ago, Washington Post Executive Editor Marcus Brauchli sent out a 1,700-word memo—"Memo No. 1"—that launched the re-organization of the paper's newsroom. As management memos go, it was a beaut—precise and elegant in its language and determined in its tone, all with the goal of creating a structure that would better position [...]

More Thoughts on the New, Re-Org’d WaPo

If you see any typos in today's Washington Post, there's a good reason. Very little work went down at the 15th and L HQ yesterday, what with all the chatter about the reorganization plan handed down by the paper's top editors.
Much of the gossip continues to center on the plans of acclaimed Metro columnist [...]

Is Fisher Bagging His Column?

As discussed in an amazing earlier post, the Washington Post blew up its newsroom today. Via the most masterfully written, almost inspiring, re-org memo, Post Executive Editor Marcus Brauchli changed forever the way that Posties take stories, blog items, and Tweets, and channel them to the paper's various platforms. The memo is not only [...]

WaPo Re-Org: Holy Shit!

Marcus Brauchli has been executive editor of the Washington Post for nearly eight months. A lot of that time he's spent burrowing into coverage of the global economic meltdown, having meetings with key individuals, and banging away at his BlackBerry. Changes, as is customary at the Post, have come slowly and cautiously, such as the [...]

Endangered Species at WaPo: Editors

If you're an editor at the Washington Post, don't get too comfy at your desk. Because your bosses may be getting ready to move you.
A wide-ranging editorial reorganization is afoot at the paper, and staffers are busy exchanging whatever details they can pick up. But they're hard to come by. Several top editors confirmed [...]

Post Biz-Section Changes: The Memo

Friday, March 13, 2009 03:30PM
A Message from Marcus, Liz, Raju and Sandy
Beginning March 30, we will make several changes in The Post’s presentation of business news and some Style-section features.
Our business coverage will shift into the main news package in the A Section Monday through Saturday. We will have a new business and economics display [...]

What’s Up with WaPo‘s Ape Editor’s Note?

Gene Weingarten must have been pleased, kind of. After all, it's not every week that his Washington Post Magazine column, "Below the Beltway," gets a heavy dose of promotion on page A2. The promotion came in the form of an Editor's Note that said the following:
"The headline, illustration, and text of 'Below the Beltway,' [...]

WaPo Working with Roger Black

The Washington Post is undergoing a remarkable shrinking act, with some sections folding and others taking on more complicated identities. Making it all happen will require some tweaks to the paper's design. The paper's Web site,, has long had layout problems of its own—a crowded homepage that poses something of a gantlet for users [...]

WaPo Names Two New Managing Editors

More re-org at the upper reaches of the Washington Post: Executive Editor Marcus Brauchli today puts in his own layer of top lieutenants, announcing that longtime newsie Liz Spayd and Raju Narisetti, formerly of India's Mint newspaper and the Wall Street Journal, would serve as a dual managing editors.
Details from the Post memo:
WASHINGTON, D.C.—January 13, [...]