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Post‘s Brauchli Wants Draft Sharing Policy Tightened

Apparently somebody's still in charge at the Post! While the paper remains silent on whether it lets political campaigns to edit its quotes, Post editor Marcus Brauchli has decided to put a stop to—or at least a leash on—any draft-sharing going on at the paper.
Following a Texas Observer story about how Post education reporter Daniel de Vise shared [...]

Post’s Marcus Brauchli Can’t Get No Respect

Some questions spring to mind after watching this grainy lip dub to about half of fun.'s "We Are Young," performed by various Post Web people to celebrate editor Marcus Brauchli's 51st birthday (title: "YOU are young).

Why were we finally granted a reprieve from Gotye's "Somebody I Used to Know," only to have it be immediately [...]

Post Managing Editor Liz Spayd Officially Leaving

Washington Post Executive Editor Marcus Brauchli sent out a memo to staff this morning confirming what Politico reported last week: Managing Editor Liz Spayd is on her way out.
"We hadn’t intended for the news to filter out in this way or at this time, but, since it has, let me set it in context," Brauchli [...]

Buyouts at the Washington Post

More hard times ahead at the Washington Post, which you may recall is the money-losing newspaper division of the Kaplan test prep and for-profit education empire. This morning, editors sent staff a memo offering a voluntary buyout, at least the fifth since 2004. All the staff reductions have apparently taught the Posties a lesson in [...]

Star Biz Reporter Jumps from WaPo to NYT

Binyamin Appelbaum, an anchor of the Washington Post's national business coverage for two years, is leaving the paper for the rival New York Times. Speaking of his soon-to-be employer, Appelbaum notes: "It's a phenomenal paper and and incredible audience and I'm really excited about working there. It's just a great opportunity."
When asked if his decision [...]

Brauchli and Quinn: Anatomy of a Kill

It's not clear whether Washington Post Executive Editor Marcus Brauchli and Sally Quinn met face to face to discuss the killing of her column, "The Party." In a statement to City Desk, Brauchli said only that he and Quinn had "agreed" that the column would move from the print edition to online-only.
The possibility that Brauchli [...]

Brauchli Confirms Print Death of “The Party” by Sally Quinn

After hours of frenzied calling and e-mailing and even a little Facebook messaging, City Desk has finally gotten someone in the know at the Washington Post to comment on the whole Sally Quinn situation. That would be the Executive Editor, Marcus Brauchli.
So much for the Brauchli Doctrine!
Moving to the subject on the minds of [...]

Why Are All the Best Moments in Gabriel Sherman’s Washington Post Story in His Twitter Feed Instead?

Today in The New Republic, Gabriel Sherman takes a long look at what the subhead calls the "messy collapse of a great newspaper," the Washington Post. There are some great moments in there, like when Executive Editor Marcus Brauchli kills a spider in the car of Katharine Weymouth, the Post's publisher.
Strangely, though, Sherman's Twitter [...]

Sally Quinn: “Style Is Back!”

Washington social doyenne Sally Quinn has made a career out of party etiquette. She knows what food to serve, what atmosphere to create, what to wear, precisely where to seat the married couples (not together, dammit!).
The author of a new Washington Post Style section column on entertaining as well as a book on the same [...]

Post Corrections Policy Victimizes Reporter

The Washington Post's corrections policy takes an institutional approach to blame-taking. No one gets called out for screwing up, not even by position. Here's how the standard correction reads:
A Dec. 5 Page One article incorrectly said that Ben Edwards is the only doctor within a 45-mile radius of Post, Tex. Edwards is the only [...]

What, Exactly, Is the Washington Post‘s Mission?

Item No. 1 in the Mystery of the Washington Post's Murky Mission: Last December, Post Publisher Katharine Weymouth issues the "Road Forward," a strategy memo that includes these now-iconic lines: Being for, and about Washington, means addressing our local readers’ core needs. Strong news coverage, enterprise and investigative reporting, expert analysis and informed commentary will [...]

The Washington Post‘s Salahi Blockbuster: Local Meets National

Last Tuesday, the Washington Post announced that it would be closing its news bureaus in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Correspondents from those outposts, the announcement said, would be heading back to the mother ship, the better to report on the Post’s core mission of covering Washington.
When asked by in-house media reporter Howard Kurtz [...]

Allen v. Roig-Franzia Fisticuffs: The Movie

Did anyone actually end up writhing on the floor? Where did Allen connect? Was there any shoving involved? How quickly did Brauchli get to the scene of the crime?
Hit play and find out!
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Allen v. Roig-Franzia: From the Beginning

When one man hauls off and punches another in the face, the conflict often has a long-tailed provenance. Such appears to be the case with Washington Post Style section staffers Manuel Roig-Franzia and Henry Allen. Those two got into a tussle on Friday afternoon in the vicinity of Executive Editor Marcus Brauchli's temporary office [...]

Brauchli Intervenes in Style Fistfight

Around deadline on Friday, some tensions boiled over in the Style section of the Washington Post. According to an informed source, a disagreement arose between reporter Manuel Roig-Franzia and storied Style veteran Henry Allen.
Though it's unclear exactly what they were arguing about, it is clear that the mood was testy. Testy enough, that is, for [...]