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First Past the Post: What’s Next for the What’s Left of the Washington Post Company?

The Washington Post Company’s newest acquisition doesn’t exactly produce lively reading.
“The Forney ‘T’ Oil Gun assembly typically consists of a guide tube, retraction assembly, oil gun and quick disconnect coupling,” drones one document in the “literature library” section of the Forney Corporation’s website. “The guide tube supports the oil gun and provides both a cooling air [...]

Report: Washington Post Likely to Start Paywall Next Year

One of the first questions of the post-Marcus Brauchli era at the Washington Post may be about to be resolved. The Wall Street Journal is reporting, in an article that is, itself, behind a paywall, that the Post is "likely" to put its content behind a paywall as soon as next year.
The paywall would be [...]

Washington Post Staffers Print Pro-Brauchli Buttons

No Brauchli, no peace! So could go the rallying cry at the Washington Post, where recently ousted executive editor Marcus Brauchli is getting support in an unusual way: buttons.
I've seen a picture of one of the pro-Brauchli buttons, but I can't publish it here. (Note to Post staffers: If you're taking a photo of a [...]

The Needle: Tire Slashing Spree

Virginia Vandalism: Late-night vandals slashed the tires of at least 64 cars in Herndon Saturday night, according to police. -1
The High Cost of Flying High: Not only is Dulles hard to get to, it's also hard to leave. According to a new study, Dulles has the second-highest domestic fares in the country, second only to [...]

New Post Editor Addresses the Newsroom for First Time, Talks Budget

Incoming Washington Post Executive Editor Marty Baron won't take over the newsroom until Jan 2., but his era seems to have started today, with Baron addressing the newsroom for the first time today.
Post Publisher Katharine Weymouth began the meeting by reading emails praising her for picking Baron, according to two people who attended the meeting. [...]

District Line Daily: “Get Her, B*tch!”

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Today's must-read: Coolidge High School Principal Thelma Jarrett is accused of beating up another woman [...]

Marcus Brauchli’s Wife Deletes Facebook Message Criticizing Post

Washington Post Publisher Katharine Weymouth may say that executive editor Marcus Brauchli's announcement Tuesday that he's leaving his position was his choice, but Maggie Farley, Brauchli's wife, might not think so. In a Tuesday Facebook post, captured by Poynter, Farley slammed the Post. Emphasis added:
A toast to Marcus, who has the courage to stand up [...]

District Line Daily: What to Expect When You’re Baby-Proofing

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Worried Washington parents have created a new growth industry in the city: professional home baby-proofing.

Post Editor Marcus Brauchli Out, Replaced With Boston Globe’s Marty Baron

Well, it's been rumored for a while, and it finally happened. Washington Post Executive Editor Marcus Brauchli is out, according to a Post announcement. His replacement is Boston Globe Editor Martin Baron.
“We are thrilled to have Marty Baron lead The Washington Post’s newsroom,” Post publisher Katharine Weymouth said in a statement. Brauchli is stepping down [...]

Post’s Brauchli Intends to Stay

Forget the rumors! It looks like Washington Post executive editor Marcus Brauchli isn't going least, according to him. "I intend to be here for the long haul," Brauchli tells Bethesda magazine.
The Bethesda magazine interview also features Brauchli on:
Whether the Style section has gone downhill:
I think that there’s a certain amount of nostalgia drenched in [...]

Post Gets a New Enterprise Editor With a Big Mandate

Watch out, investigative Posties: There's a new sheriff in town. Post Outlook editor Carlos Lozada is becoming the paper's first enterprise editor, with a mandate to whip the paper's sometimes shambling stories into shape.
"We’re asking Carlos to collaborate with section editors and enterprise teams across the room, to make sure our big projects achieve [...]

Post Still Wrestling With Numbers

Looks like Washington Post Executive Editor Marcus Brauchli won't be mayor of Digitopolis any time soon. The rare affliction that prevents Post employees from telling the difference between "million," "billion," and "trillion" apparently still plagues the paper, with the latest evidence coming from a correction in yesterday's issue (emphasis added):
A Sept. 9 A-section article about [...]

Post Employees Complain After Tech Problems Bring Misspellings and Wrong Editions

Update, 2:10 p.m.: In a memo sent out this afternoon, managing editor John Temple writes that the production problems were caused by a lost connection between the Post and its data center. The difficulties began at 10:30 p.m. last night and weren't resolved until around 1:30 a.m., according to Temple.
"This meant that we were [...]

Post Memo Changes Policy on Draft Sharing, Quote Approval

Washington Post editor Marcus Brauchli is finally lowering the boom on draft-sharers and the paper's quote approval policy. In the aftermath of a Texas Observer story about how Post education reporter Daniel de Vise shared story drafts with college officials, as well as the New York Times' story about the Post and other publications allowing campaign operatives to [...]

“Everything Here Is Negotiable”

As of last night, the Washington Post has tightened its policy on the sharing of drafts after one of its reporters, Daniel de Vise, showed a version of a story he was writing to some of its subjects. "Everything here is negotiable," de Vise wrote to a spokesperson at the University of Texas. But that's apparently [...]