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The Needle: Signature Dishes

Delicious: What better way to celebrate Annandale's Honey Pig than with a rap?
I need somethin' delicious, nutritious.
Head to Honey Pig for the signature dishes.
March Sadness: Nike came up with March Madness taglines for the teams it outfits, and the Washington area schools clearly didn't get the copywriter A-team. "Even the sequester won't slow down Georgetown"? [...]

Morning Roundup: The ‘How Ruined Is Your Bracket?’ Edition

Good morning, Friday lovers. It's amazing how, if you just keep working for four straight days starting Monday, the fifth one that comes around is Friday. Every single week!
Just so you know, there will be no references to Alex Chilton in this Morning Roundup (except for an indirect one at the end).
There will, however, be [...]

Republicans Hate Maryland Basketball

Or something like that.
WaPo's Ben Pershing writes that the vast majority of GOP congressmen voted against a House measure introduced by Majority Leader Steny Hoyer congratulating the Terps for making the NCAA tournament.
This was payback, because Hoyer would allow a vote on a Republican member's resolution congratulating the UC-Irvine men's volleyball team for NCAA championship [...]

Weekend In Review: Did The Hoyas Get Screwed?

The Fish Market flooded! Is it me or do you see those flood warnings think it's BS? Maybe I should take those warnings seriously—especially after seeing pictures of the flooded market. SWDC blog writes:
"An overcast Sunday morning brought surprises to the Southwest Fish Market which was flooded by high water on the Washington Channel [...]

Norman Chad Continues Doing God’s Work

The great Norman Chad rips Clark Kellogg a new one in today's Washington Post.
Or, rather, Chad deplumes Kellogg a previously non-possessed one, as the blowhardy CBS color man would describe the action.
The Kellogg takedown was long overdue. Sure, he seems like a nice, smart guy—but nobody says less in more time. The TV timeouts and [...]