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Washington Man Forced to Visit Baltimore, Survives

The Washington Post's Marc Fisher has a story today about his recent visit to Baltimore's less popular tourist attractions, and Charm City is not pleased about it. "This has to be one of the most bizarre travel pieces I've ever come across," writes Baltimore Magazine. "The last thing Bal­ti­more needs is more D.C. pricks like him," writes [...]

It’s Okay That 9/11 Was Worse In New York, Marc Fisher

Over the weekend, Postie Marc Fisher lamented the fact that the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon doesn’t get as much attention as the 10th anniversary approaches as the attack on New York does. Yet Fisher writes the piece with a pretty keen awareness of why this is so. His 1,700-word essay is full of hedging statements:
Comparing [...]

What’s the Frequency, Yglesias?

Crime happens everywhere. But it’s safe to say that crimes against journalists who think about public policy issues happen a lot more frequently in Washington than anywhere else. And when they do, it’s a good bet the incident will make it into the media before long—usually wrapped up in a politically-tinged argument. Some media figures [...]

World Cup Roundup: France Frustrated, South Africa Thrilled to Draw, Marc Fisher Hates It All

Let the media frenzy begin! Appearing on The Colbert Report last night, Washington Post columnist Marc Fisher kicked-off World Cup fever in true American fashion–by trashing the game of soccer entirely. "Soccer is un-American," Fisher, proud owner of the title America's Most Prominent Soccer Hater, told host Stephen Colbert. "It's a great game for little kids running around on [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Communism in Cleveland Park Edition

First up: Fresh stuff right here on this very Web site. Jason Cherkis has the cops, in their own words, explaining themselves for the DeOnte Rawlings shooting. Of special note: why they not only left the boy bleeding from the back of the head, but why they never even checked to see if he's still alive. Stunning.
Tim Carman's [...]

New Role for WaPo‘s Marc Fisher: Enterprise Editor

Longtime Washington Post Metro columnist Marc Fisher will soon be leaving his post for a job editing a small band of journalists with a special mission at the Post, according to several sources. Though it doesn't yet have an official name, Fisher's unit will focus on breaking news and enterprise stories in the Washington region. [...]

More Thoughts on the New, Re-Org’d WaPo

If you see any typos in today's Washington Post, there's a good reason. Very little work went down at the 15th and L HQ yesterday, what with all the chatter about the reorganization plan handed down by the paper's top editors.
Much of the gossip continues to center on the plans of acclaimed Metro columnist [...]

Is Fisher Bagging His Column?

As discussed in an amazing earlier post, the Washington Post blew up its newsroom today. Via the most masterfully written, almost inspiring, re-org memo, Post Executive Editor Marcus Brauchli changed forever the way that Posties take stories, blog items, and Tweets, and channel them to the paper's various platforms. The memo is not only [...]

WaPo Re-Org: Holy Shit!

Marcus Brauchli has been executive editor of the Washington Post for nearly eight months. A lot of that time he's spent burrowing into coverage of the global economic meltdown, having meetings with key individuals, and banging away at his BlackBerry. Changes, as is customary at the Post, have come slowly and cautiously, such as the [...]