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Cheap Seats Daily: Sally Jenkins Gets Mugged In Our House?

The same ol' Natinals. Only worse, says the Washington Post's Chico Harlan, whose game stories get more fabulous as the team gets less. From Harlan's latest truth-telling gem:
"If anything, the first four games of [new manager Jim] Riggleman's tenure introduced an even lower grade of achievement and fortune. At least during the typical Manny Acta [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Six Flags Recommends a Condiment to Go With Your Mattress!

After decades a couple weeks of rumors, this afternoon at the Verizon Center WJFK-FM brass will officially announce the station's flip from man talk to sports talk.
All the highlights of the new lineup — eight hours a day of Mike Wise and LaVar Arrington –  and the date of the switch, July 20, have already [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Nationals Offer Blunt Letter To Fans

Pop Cesspool is mighty impressed with a letter from the Nationals which explained the firing of Manny Acta and gave a blunt assessment of the team's failings. After running down the season's few highlights, the Nats letter states:
"Much of the season, however, has been defined by weak relief pitching, poor defense, and youthful inconsistency. We [...]

Breaking News: New Nats Manager Is Former ‘Soul Sensation’!

Mere hours after the Washington Nationals named a new manager, local genius and longtime City Paper person Dave Nuttycombe sent me some photos from an old Richard Montgomery High School yearbook of the small, tough kid known around Rockville as "Little Jimmy Riggleman."
Apparently Riggleman, a jocky sort, grew enough right after his 1970 graduation to [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Joel Hanrahan Gets Nats a ‘Victory in the Win Column!’

Sally Jenkins rides with Lance Armstrong again this morning. Jenkins, who has written several books with Armstrong, references the druggie rumors more here than in the scads of her previous columns on the most accused drug cheat in the history of sport.
"It's what [Armstrong's] whole comeback is all about really," writes Jenkins, "coming face to [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Asian Tiger?

Let's get right to the issue of the day. The winners of the first three AT&T National events at Congressional:
2007 — KJ Choi
2008 — Anthony Kim
2009 — Tiger Woods
The liberal media doesn't want you to know: There's an Asian bias to Tiger's tournament!
Woods exploited this bias to beat a field that included upstart white guys [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Manny Acta Saves Limbs, Loses Games

The Nats bullpen gives away another game. I heard a post-game interview with Manny Acta last week after another bullpen-blown game saying he'd pulled the starter not because of the percentages or some righty/lefty matchup, but because the guy had thrown "108 pitches." Somebody should tell Acta he ain't managing a minor league team, protecting [...]

Noon Roundup: Oh, Hell, Riggs Wanted ME to Do the Roundup Edition

Welcome to Freedom Friday! I'm briefly redefining libertarianism to include things that are interesting. As in...
• Dan Froomkin canned! Intensely weird Bush-hating shut-ins mount campaign of angry comments on blogs read only by other intensely weird Bush-hating shut-ins. A neocon powerplay, or the political-commentary EQ of JazzTimes folding?

Cheap Seats Daily: Acta Alive? Feinstein Rips Dibble Another New One to Replace the Old New One? Vestige of the Turner/Shuler/Frerotte Era Quits?

Did John Feinstein save Manny Acta's job?
I think so. While buzzards circled over Acta yesterday, Feinstein, continuing the Washington Post's If You Get It You Don't Get It strategy of alienating all subscribers, wrote a web-only feature that included about the only defenses of the Nats' Dead Manager Walking to appear in the MSM.

Cheap Seats Daily: Trouble at the Top of DC Schoolboy Sports, Nats Keep Hopelessness Alive, United Wins in Front of Nobody, Danny Ferry Wins GM Award

Troy Mathieu has quit as athletic director of DC Public Schools. He didn't last a year. Mathieu had replaced Allen Chin, who had the AD job for decades but was an early sweepee of Michelle Rhee's broom. Based on limited exposure — mainly the flip-flopping and bungling I witnessed from her office while she was [...]