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For the Kids of Type-A Washington Parents, Etiquette Isn’t Just for Debutantes

In the era of Honey Boo Boo, the well-mannered child doesn’t appear to be especially prized by the zeitgeist. Nevertheless, on a recent Sunday, Taylor and Jamie are among 10 children who have gathered at Tabula Rasa, an event space on Barracks Row, to practice their how-do-you-dos.
“How are you?” Taylor says to another girl. Jamie [...]

Fenty Cut Line to Get on Plane, Says Eyewitness

Mayor Adrian M. Fenty rushed back from...well, somewhere, yesterday to hold a press conference more than 24 hours after four were killed in a drive-by shooting.
All Fenty would say about the trip last night was that "it was personal."
But in the age of social media, there are no secrets. LL was forwarded a Facebook post [...]