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Capital City Mumbo Sauce: We’re Keeping Our Name “Until Someone Beats Down Our Door”

"Mumbo Sauce" may belong to a company in Chicago, but D.C.'s Capital City Mumbo Sauce isn't going down without a fight.
Last month, City Desk reported the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office's Trademark Trial and Appeal Board ruled that the term mumbo sauce was legally born in Chicago—Argia B's Mumbo Sauce has been sold since 1950—even though a [...]

Local Mumbo Sauce Seller May Have to Call Its Condiment Something Else

Mumbo sauce has been hailed as the "heart and soul of D.C. carryout restaurants" —a sauce that truly "captures the flavor of the District."
But according to a decision by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office's Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, the term "mumbo sauce"—and perhaps the sweet, barbecue-like sauce itself—is not a D.C. native, but was [...]

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I Sing of the Census 2: Electric Boogaloo

Following this morning's post about D.C. songs relevant to the Census data released last week, we've come up with a few more, thanks in part to suggestions by commenters. Add your own in the comments below!
Song: "Welcome to D.C."
Artist: Mambo Sauce
Year: 2007
Relevance: High. The Census found 20,000 new residents had moved to the District between [...]