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The Needle: What a Nice Day

Metro Program Poorly Managed: WJLA discovers that Metro's job application website could be easily manipulated, using just an applicant's email address, to reveal their resume, phone number, and salary requirements. -1
Guns Rule, Say Youths: Pro-gun young people, many of them from Virginia, rallied in front of the Wilson Building today to promote looser gun laws [...]

D.C. Real Estate Scions Crowdsource Future H Street NE Market Online, With More to Come

Last year, developers Ben and Daniel Miller promised to deploy some "pretty crazy shit" to make enough to fund their projects, but kept mum on the specifics. As of yesterday, the crazy shit has been revealed: They're selling shares of 1351 H Street NE, which will house Asian-restaurant-slash-streetwear-store Maketto, to anyone with an Internet connection and $100.
In [...]