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Peek Inside Adrian Fenty’s Go-Go Collection

The "Go-Go 4 Fenty" campaign effort may be an obvious play for the go-go lover vote, but the recent shows aren't the first time Mayor Adrian Fenty has hung around the scene.
According to the manager of much-maligned go-go band TCB, Fenty isn't just electioneering when he busts loose at a go-go concert. Ben Adda tells City Desk [...]

Fenty, Transparency, Scrutiny: The Political Fallout of FOIA Reform

Roy Morris describes his struggles in getting D.C. government agencies to comply with Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests as "Kafkaesque."
"They use these exceptions to deny anything," Morris told D.C. Councilmembers at a hearing this week on open government and transparency at the Wilson Building . “I don’t want to pick on the attorney general," Morris added. To which, [...]

Our Morning Roundup: City Response Times Suck

Is anybody sick of city officials promising "to look into it?" Yesterday, Councilmember Yvette Alexander told WaPo that last week a man pulled a pistol on her as she came to the aid of a Metro driver who was being robbed. She then had to wait eight minutes before a fire truck (!) arrived. Alexander's [...]

Loose Lips Quotes of 2009: Mafara Hobson

"According to the Attorney General, I don’t need to tell you that."
—Mafara Hobson, mayoral spokesperson, March 26

Traci Hughes Is Out As Police Spokesperson

I get a tip from a colleague that Traci Hughes might be out as the D.C. Police Department's spokesperson. This morning, I call her office to get confirmation.
I'm put on hold. After two minutes, I decide to hang up and try again.
I'm put on hold again.
Finally, a pleasant voice gets on the line at the [...]

Longtime Mayoral Photographer Lateef Mangum Fired

Mayor Adrian M. Fenty had a press conference this morning, but something was missing: That would be Lateef Mangum, official photographer for four District mayors. He was unceremoniously fired Friday evening by Fenty aides.
"I was working at the pleasure of the mayor," said Mangum, a press conference fixture and friend to legions of city hall [...]

Fire Department Gets A New Spokesperson: The Mayor’s Office

First CFSA lost its spokesperson powers to the Mayor's Office. Now, it's the Fire Department's turn to refer all calls to Fenty spokesperson Mafara Hobson. At this point, I feel sorry for Hobson. Her job is busy enough with the on-going budget debates, the travel issues, etc. Now, she gets to field inquiries about the [...]