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The Needle: Wool Coat Joke Edition

Pop-ups Are Dead, Long Live Takeovers: Toki Underground and Woodberry Kitchen plan a ramen "takeover" of Artifact Coffee. It shall be dubbed Tokifact. +2
Food Fight: Madam's Organ is so, so mad at its "shitty neighbor" Tryst right now. +/- 0

Madam’s Organ Named D.C.’s Most Rambunctious Bar

Forget the skeptics! Adams Morgan may be lagging behind other D.C. neighborhoods in development, but it leads the pack in good times. According to something called Party Earth, Adams Morgan's Madam's Organ is one of the East Coast's top party bars.
Madam's Organ is the kind of place where "shenanigans are welcome, friendships made and indiscretions [...]

If Obama Wins…'ll probably want to go to Madam's Organ on 18th Street NW. If and when the election is called for Barack Obama, the Adams Morgan juke joint will have an open bar for a half-hour. You'll have to pay $3 for the band, but clearly that's worth it: Think about how many Yuenglings you can [...]

Bill Duggan to ABC Board: “This Is Fucking Ridiculous.”

The Alcohol Beverage Control Board met today to consider revoking Madam's Organ's liquor license for a groping incident that happened in June 2007. Marc Fisher has the definitive take on how this came to pass. The Sexist also weighed in.  So what happened? Basically five hours of testimony and, in typical ABC decisiveness, especially when [...]