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Half-Baked Alaska: Post Paid for Alaska Love Trip

This weekend's Washington Post Magazine story about two single Post reporters looking for love in Alaska's women-starved wastes has come in for some knocks here and elsewhere, but the news may be worse for the Post's budget. According to Post Magazine editor Lynn Medford, the paper paid the travel expenses for the nearly 5,000 mile trip. [...]

Sally Quinn: “Style Is Back!”

Washington social doyenne Sally Quinn has made a career out of party etiquette. She knows what food to serve, what atmosphere to create, what to wear, precisely where to seat the married couples (not together, dammit!).
The author of a new Washington Post Style section column on entertaining as well as a book on the same [...]

Allen v. Roig-Franzia Fisticuffs: The Movie

Did anyone actually end up writhing on the floor? Where did Allen connect? Was there any shoving involved? How quickly did Brauchli get to the scene of the crime?
Hit play and find out!
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Allen v. Roig-Franzia: From the Beginning

When one man hauls off and punches another in the face, the conflict often has a long-tailed provenance. Such appears to be the case with Washington Post Style section staffers Manuel Roig-Franzia and Henry Allen. Those two got into a tussle on Friday afternoon in the vicinity of Executive Editor Marcus Brauchli's temporary office [...]

Washington Post‘s Robert Wone Story: Web Experiment?

Washington Post reporter Paul Duggan spent four months reporting and writing a two-part series on a juicy local murder case. The results were published on Monday and Tuesday, to great public acclaim. Yet faithful subscribers who scoop up their paper on the front steps each day found none of it in their pages—only a few [...]