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Lunch, Cubicled

The Needle: Day After Edition

It's Just Lunch: One man is at the crest of his political power, having just swept to office unchallenged except by a few write-in votes, a bugler, and the Socialist Workers Party. The other? Well, he's seen better days. Such will be the backdrop as Almost Mayor Vince Gray joins President Obama for lunch on [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Save the Journalists Edition

Good Morning, City Desk Readers!  The big news today is presidential, of course, but poor Barack Obama got usurped on his birthday by America's other First Black President.  Bill Clinton is receiving all the accolades today after his trip to North Korea, where he met with President Kim Jung Il and helped negotiate the pardoning [...]

Exploding Manhole in Adams Morgan!

The 1800 block of Columbia Road NW is presently cordoned off due to a manhole explosion earlier this afternoon. Police and Pepco workers are on the scene. Details to come.
These events have highly inconvenienced luncheoning workers in the neighborhood, at least one of whom had to go to Subway instead of So's Your Mom for [...]

My Awesome $5 Lunch

When this blog was starting up, Erik Wemple put together a taxonomy of worthwhile blog posts. At the bottom was something along the lines of "What I had for breakfast" (I can't find the original e-mail.)
Since then, expectations have been lowered in many parts of this organization, so I feel comfortable blogging my awesome $5 [...]