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Gear Prudence: How Can I Avoid Dating Dainty-Legged Dudes?

Love is an uphill climb.

Washington Sugar Daddies Lag Behind Rivals

For a town that's ostensibly so rich, Washington men should be leading the country in buying the affections of women who otherwise wouldn't have anything to do with them—in other words, we should have the most sugar daddies. But that's not the case, according to new data from sugar daddy/sugar baby liason website Seeking Arrangements.
Instead, [...]

How to Get Laid at a D.C. Election Party, According to Some Dude

Voting's pretty cool, what with the chance to change the country and all. Even at the local level, there are big decisions to make. But wouldn't it be cooler if it also led to sex?
That's the plan for pseudonymous Washington writer "Brett Hannons," who runs a blog about his sexploits. Hannons has come out with [...]

Marriage Proposal on Prince of Petworth Succeeds

Whatever you think of gentrifier spiritual leader Prince of Petworth or his paranoid readership, it's hard to hate his "Animal Fix" posts featuring readers' pets. But today, two of the prince's courtiers didn't just find puppies in Animal Fix: they found love.
The top picture in today's animal post features a dog with the proposal sign: [...]

Photo: Man Holding Sign

600 Block H Street, NW.  April 20th.  © 2012 Matt Dunn

Three D.C. Clubs Make Most-Profitable List

Three D.C. nightclubs made the list of 100 most profitable clubs in the U.S. While Las Vegas, Miami, and New York topped the list, P.O.V. (the club on the roof of the W Hotel), LOVE, and The Park at Fourteenth came in at 44, 63, and 85, respectively.
Photo by Frank Gruber via Flickr/Creative Commons Attribution [...]

November in Photos

ABC Board Stalls Sale of Club Love

The sale of Love Nightclub won't be going through quite as quickly as the people involved in the transaction were hoping.
Love, on Okie Street NE off New York Avenue, shuttered for three months earlier this year after a non-fatal stabbing inside the club on New Year’s Day. Since reopening, the club has only catered special events. [...]

Inside The Barry Love Triangle

You can call Councilmember Marion Barry a lot of things:  Civil Rights Leader, Mayor-for-Life, Addict, Male Slut. You can now add Incurable Optimist to the list. In his rocky relationship with Donna Watts-Brighthaupt, he endured one rejection after another. And the man kept coming back.
A Hotel spat in Denver where he threw her out of [...]