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The Needle: Alt In The Family

Voiced Out: The editor of the Baltimore City Paper, which was just purchased by none other than the Baltimore Sun, wrote a blog post today explaining how its soon-to-be-former owner, Times-Shamrock Communications, has censored the alt-weekly in the wake of the purchase. Fuck. -5
Who Dunnit?: A Loudoun County Jack Russell Terrier was mysteriously (and pretty viciously) attacked [...]

Dulles Rail Tax Pig Guy is Loudoun County’s Newest State Rep.

The man who spent the summer of 2012 lugging around a giant Tax Pig around on a flatbed truck to protest the construction of Metro's Silver Line is Loudoun County's newest state representative.
Republican Dave LaRock, who decisively beat his opponent last week with 53.6 percent of the vote, first made it into Washington City Paper's [...]

Loudoun County Considers Getting Sloppy

In the words of the criminally underrated 2006 film Priceless, "Getting drunk in the daytime is like having a secret." There's no better way to get day-drunk than at the pool, but this right has been forbidden to most Northern Virginia pool users by local ordinances keeping drinks away from the water.
The Washington Business Journal [...]

Livin’ La Vida LoCo

Commuters and jet-setters rejoice! Thanks to a last-minute change of heart, Metro’s Silver Line extension will run to Dulles International Airport and beyond, into deeply divided Loudoun County.
Around 10:30 a.m., Loudoun’s Board of Supervisors voted 5-4 to approve Phase 2 of the project, which will cost it $270 million to build, plus $15-20 million in [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Prediction: Tiger Woods Will Sit Out the Masters While in Cad Recovery Program?

Very interesting interview over the weekend with Greggg Williams from a Saints-friendly publication.
The best parts of the talk with the former Redskins and current New Orleans defensive coordinator ain't the ones where Williams says over and over that he's great pals with Dan Snyder, the guy who made him stay at the poolhouse for three [...]

Noon Roundup: Oh, Hell, Riggs Wanted ME to Do the Roundup Edition

Welcome to Freedom Friday! I'm briefly redefining libertarianism to include things that are interesting. As in...
• Dan Froomkin canned! Intensely weird Bush-hating shut-ins mount campaign of angry comments on blogs read only by other intensely weird Bush-hating shut-ins. A neocon powerplay, or the political-commentary EQ of JazzTimes folding?