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Jaffe Wants ‘A Strong Man In Charge’ of D.C.

I'm late on this, mostly because I don't read Harry Jaffe very often (though I may start if this is an indicator of the type of work he's producing), but tell me I'm wrong in my reading of his silly argument to re-elect former mayor Marion Barry:
I'm not even sure Uncle Vince wanted to be mayor. [...]

New D.C. Lottery Bids: Woodson, Wiggins, Green Emerge as Local Partners

The new bids on the long controversial D.C. Lottery contract were due today at 2 p.m.; this is what LL has thus far been able to suss out.
Rhode Island-based GTECH, which ditched longtime partner Leonard Manning in May, has found a bevy of local partners with appeal across the local political spectrum. Long story short, [...]

D.C. Lottery Update: CAGE Is Out; Who’s With GTECH?

Two weeks from today, bids are due on the D.C. Lottery contract.
But who will step up?
The big question is: Which local business types will each of the three major global lottery equipment providers tap for a partnership? Tapping locals earns each company points in the procurement process and also helps grease the political skids.
Last month, [...]