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The Needle: At-Large, On the Loose

Vote or Lie (About Voting, Because People Hassle You Otherwise): Can you feel that electricity, that tingling in the air? It's a D.C. Council special at-large election. Follow WCP staffers Jonathan Fischer, Alan Suderman, Aaron Wiener, and me for updates from the candidates' watch parties, and refresh the Loose Lips blog for updates throughout the [...]

Photos: Rosedale Rec Center Opening

Slideshow.  Rosedale Rec Center, 1701 Gales St., NE.  May 25th.  © 2012 Matt Dunn

Today in D.C. History: Marion Barry Plays Role of D.C.’s Chief Wordsmith

On Feb. 26, 1986, then-Mayor Marion Barry held a special meeting of more than 100 D.C. government employees, to announce a new list of "10 or 15 words" that would be in every press release issued by the D.C. government. The list consisted of words designed to cast city officials (including Barry) in a more [...]

Read City Paper‘s New Loose Lips Blog

Starting today, City Paper's political coverage has a new home on the Web—we've given Alan Suderman, our Loose Lips columnist, a blog of his very own. Fittingly enough, the first post on the new Loose Lips blog is today's edition of Loose Lips Daily. Go read it! And add it to your RSS readers, bookmarks, [...]

Marion Barry Wrestling Move: The Video!

As promised, an update to Loose Lips' huge Marion Barry wrestling story. Because Washington City Paper is a full-service news organization, LL is proud to bring you video footage of the "Washington Bullets" (Jon and Trey Williams) actually performing the move known to all connoisseurs of west Georgia wrestling as the Marion Barry:

(The video should [...]

Deal Or No Deal: Loose Lips Daily

As much local politics as humanly possible. Send your tips, releases, stories, events, etc. to And get LL Daily sent straight to your inbox every morning!
IN CASE YOU MISSED IT—"So Was Anyone Arrested For illegal Fireworks?," "The Piledriver, the Sleeper Hold, the Marion Barry?," "IG: Top Execs At Disability Providers Overpaid," "Councilmembers Ask CFO [...]

The Piledriver, The Sleeper Hold, The… Marion Barry?

God bless Google Alerts. Otherwise, Loose Lips might never have discovered this gem: Marion Barry has a wrestling moved named in his honor. Well, maybe.
According to the Web site, amateur wrestling duo Jon and Trey Williams, aka “The Washington Bullets,” used the “Marion Barry” this last weekend to defeat two female opponents, Sunshine and [...]

Councilmembers to Nickles: WTF?

Three members of the D.C. Council were not amused to learn this weekend that the city had settled with Banneker Ventures, the construction firm owned by Mayor Adrian Fenty’s fraternity brother that is at the heart of a current investigation into alleged shady contracting practices.
The Post’s Nikita Stewart won the weekend with the big scoop that the District [...]

Poll Shows Adrian Fenty Beating Vincent Gray in Ward 1

A new poll of Ward 1 voters puts Mayor Adrian Fenty 6 points above his challenger, D.C. Council Chairman Vincent Gray.
The poll, commissioned and released by Ward 1 Councilman Jim Graham’s campaign, pegged Hizzoner’s support among likely Democratic voters in the ward at 43 percent compared to 37 percent for Gray. Dark horse candidate Leo Alexander [...]

Coming Soon: New Loose Lips

If you've missed Loose Lips—and with a campaign season in full swing, who hasn't?—don't despair. Starting Tuesday, Washington City Paper will send the latest LL down to the Wilson Building to bring back a full complement of news, political insight and insider gossip every week (in the paper) and every day (right here on
Actually, [...]

Farewell, LL

Did anyone hear all that noise on City Desk from about 8:40 this morning to about 2:48 in the afternoon? No? Well, that's the sound of Loose Lips columnist Mike DeBonis leaving the paper. We'll miss Mike. You can read his final column here, in which he surrenders the initials "LL."
Photo by Darrow Montgomery

Loose Lips Live Tweets the Mayor’s 2011 Budget Meeting; AND: The Post-Hearing Presser

Stand by for budget tweets from Loose Lips: Council briefing set to begin at 9:45
Fenty, Gandhi, and Gray are all here. Fenty and Gray shared a quick hug. Now small talk.
MPD 'fully funded' for 4069 cops
'The budget today will be changed by the council,' says Fenty. Quips Gray, 'not necessarily'
$11B in total spending, but 2.7 [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Will Prague Spring for Redskins Fans Survive Snyder’s Jack-Booted Thugs?

David Alprin had his anti-Dan Snyder artwork, or whatever you want to call the above paper plate thingee, confiscated at the gates of FedExField two weeks ago.
Alprin's a longtime Skins season ticketholder and was one of many fans who wanted to make a statement about the state of the franchise.
He'd stayed up late the night [...]

Weekend in Review

No wonder the Washington Post is playing up the story on its homepage. That's what happens when the paper provides compelling Sunday reading. I am talking about the feature piece in Outlook titled "I Didn't Tell. It Didn't Matter."; it's about a young man, Joseph Rocha, who served in the Navy and got abused [...]

Barry Press Conference: ‘Hearts Are Full’ Edition

At a little after 9 p.m., Councilmember Marion Barry spokesperson Natalie Williams began another hastily scheduled press conference in front of the Wilson Building by thanking the U.S. Attorney's Office for dropping the stalking charge against the councilmember. Prosecutors had announced three hours earlier that they would not press on with the stalking case. "Our [...]