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The Needle: Swagger-Jackers Jacked

The Doughnut Hole: You would think that the pastry fans behind Zeke's DC Donuts—formerly, and controversially, Cool "Disco" Donut—were in the clear, karmically, after they changed their store's name. And yet....  -2
Philly Phanatics: Forget that Craigslist wedding date—too saccharine! Washington's true Craigslist relationship is this one, based around Phillies fandom, Nationals hatred, and "Philadelphia sports [...]

Washington Can Afford New Cars, Unlike Rest of Country

No "Washington is the new Versailles" story is complete without mentioning the area's appetite for expensive cars. Sean Hannity did it, and so did the New York Times. They might have a point—according to a new report from, Washingtonians have more money to spend on new cars than residents in any other city.