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Post Managing Editor Liz Spayd Officially Leaving

Washington Post Executive Editor Marcus Brauchli sent out a memo to staff this morning confirming what Politico reported last week: Managing Editor Liz Spayd is on her way out.
"We hadn’t intended for the news to filter out in this way or at this time, but, since it has, let me set it in context," Brauchli [...]

Report: Post Managing Editor Liz Spayd Takes Buyout

What's making the Post's managing editors so eager to get out? Less than five months after Raju Narisetti left the Post for the Wall Street Journal and was replaced by John Temple, the paper's other managing editor, Liz Spayd, has taken a buyout, Politico reports.
Spayd, who was named to the position in 2009, wouldn't confirm [...]

Washington Post Editorial Board Livid Over Turque Blog Post

The Washington Post editorial board is pissed beyond words about Bill Turque's Wednesday blog post regarding the board's relationship with D.C. public schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee. In the post, which the paper temporarily deleted from its site last night, Metro education reporter Turque blasted editorial writer Jo-Ann Armao for furnishing Rhee a "print version of [...]

Why Did the Washington Post Magazine Run Another Wanda Fleming Column?

A seasoned consumer of news had every reason to furrow a brow at the XX Files column in last week's Washington Post Magazine. The first-person essay touts the author's one-woman campaign against kiddie thieves in a local pharmacy.
Here's a sampling: "As the child scurries past me with his pilfered beverage, I reach out for the [...]

Post‘s Universal News Desk Memo: EPIC

An amazing memo. Also, anyone else of the opinion that Ju-Don Roberts has the best name at the Post?
The Universal News Desk we are creating is central to our efforts to edit and package stories, graphics, photos and videos in a way that will retain and indeed attract a far wider range of new readers [...]

WaPo Working with Roger Black

The Washington Post is undergoing a remarkable shrinking act, with some sections folding and others taking on more complicated identities. Making it all happen will require some tweaks to the paper's design. The paper's Web site,, has long had layout problems of its own—a crowded homepage that poses something of a gantlet for users [...]

WaPo Names Two New Managing Editors

More re-org at the upper reaches of the Washington Post: Executive Editor Marcus Brauchli today puts in his own layer of top lieutenants, announcing that longtime newsie Liz Spayd and Raju Narisetti, formerly of India's Mint newspaper and the Wall Street Journal, would serve as a dual managing editors.
Details from the Post memo:
WASHINGTON, D.C.—January 13, [...]