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Anatomy of a Dog Poop Listserv Fight

Neighbors arguing about how to deal with dog poop is a phenomenon as old as dog poop itself. Today's episode of dog-poop feuding comes courtesy of Hill East's email list, which includes all the components  of a classic dog-poop debate. Would you like to discuss dog poop with your neighbors? Consider following Hill East's model. [...]

Chevy Chase Bleeding Hearts Side With Flower Thief

For genteel Chevy Chase, no villain looms larger than the mysterious flower thief. The enigmatic criminal, who brazenly plucks flowers from neighborhood gardens and presumably resells them, has gone unpunished for years. Area listservs are filled with discussion of his latest crimes and methods by which he could, finally, be caught.
But have you considered that [...]

Shepherd Park Fights For A Stop Sign

In recent days, the Shepherd Park listserv went nuts over a missing stop sign. There were multiple posts on this mystery. Here's one from "Marcie":
"What's going on with the missing stop sign at Sudbury and West Beach (heading north)? Is that intentional? If so, shouldn't the one heading south be taken down too? It's a [...]

Bill Duggan Hearts City Paper, Continues to Piss Off Everyone Else

Neighborhood Listservs are no place to notify the neighborhood of local businesses that may serve the neighborhood. Or so says our friend Bill D over on the mostly-entertaining Second-Best Neighborhood Listserv. Uncle Bill offers this plea to his fellow angry Adams-Morganers:
Can we limit or eliminate the commercial use of the listserv?  It doesn't matter if [...]

Mystery Angry Person In Shepherd Park!

Keeping a decent neighborhood listserv going means posting a lot about lost dogs, reporting on gunshots, and cranky neighbors dropping weird racial stereotypes related to crime. All of these will keep the message board well stocked with posts. But few posts beat the mysterious stranger knocking on doors thread that pops up once in a [...]

Need a Kidney? Try Your Neighborhood Listserv. Or Facebook.

Nora Greer, a 55-year-old woman who lives in Barnaby Woods, posted a message to the Cleveland Park Listserv in the hope of finding a kidney donor. It reads:
SOS. Next year I'll need a transplant as I slip closer to acute renal failure. I haven't been able to find a compatible match from family or friends. [...]