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Sunday Liquor Sales Could Start in a Few Weeks

Thanks to Mayor Vince Gray, it's now a little easier to get your drink on in D.C., starting today. Not like we needed the help.
Gray signed the D.C. Council's omnibus alcohol bill yesterday, meaning that the  the following changes to D.C. booze law go into effect today:

Businesses can now apply for "wine pub" permits.
Grocery stores, [...]

Top 10 Reasons To Allow Sunday Liquor Sales in D.C.

10. Sometimes recipes require booze.
9. Sometimes you were too hung over on Saturday to remember to go buy alcohol on your only day off that coincides with when it's sold.
8. Sometimes you don't want to drive to Maryland and contribute to its tax base.
7. Sometimes you're annoyed that even puritan Virginia sells alcohol on Sundays now. (And you don't [...]

The Needle: It’s All At the Mall Edition

Mall Rats: Complaining about the state of the National Mall is part of the birthright of Washingtonians; the only reason we don't grumble about it more than we do is because there's not much reason to go there unless you're doing touristy things. Theoretically, that'll change, under a new plan announced with much fanfare today. [...]

The Needle: Help Me, Obama, You’re My Only Hope Edition

Yes We Can (Beg for Endorsements): Mayor Adrian Fenty takes it upon himself to leak word that he's asked President Barack Obama for an endorsement in Tuesday's election. Which is a strange strategy in a race polls show Fenty is likely to lose to D.C. Council Chairman Vincent Gray; Obama has enough political problems without [...]

Morning Roundup: Fourth of July Edition

Morning, all. This holiday weekend: have fun and be safe!
Along with barbeques, displays of patriotism, and droves of tourists descending upon D.C., Fourth of July means fireworks galore. WaPo explores local pyros. Apparently more people are injured each year in bike, motorcycle, and car accidents than in fireworks-related incidents. Put that one in the Duh [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Better Drinking Through Advertising

Thirsty on this cloudy morning? How bout a nice tall glass In response to the waterborne lead crisis, the District's Water and Sewer Authority (WASA) is ushering in a "new era" with a new name and new logo. WaPo's Mike DeBonis reports the agency is rebranding itself "D.C. Water," at a cost of around $160,000 to [...]

Club Midtown Accused of Boozy Brawl Cover-Up

A city liquor-control agent on Wednesday pointedly accused managers of a swanky Dupont Circle nightspot of hindering his investigation into the club's handling of unruly patrons.
At a hearing before the city's Alcoholic Beverage Control Board, investigator Tyrone Q. Lawson testified that operators of club Midtown, located at 1219 Connecticut Avenue NW, have been less than forthcoming in turning over security tapes that city regulators have [...]