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The National Zoo Reopens (but the Lions Still Think They’re Furloughed)

On their first day back on the job since the end of the government shutdown, the National Zoo's lions were getting about as much respect as other members of the often-maligned federal workforce.
"RAWR," growled a small girl, hoping to inspire a reaction from the residents of the Great Cats habitat. They continued to lounge in [...]

Zoo Poll: 67 Percent of Lion Cub Cam Fans Watch for 2+ Hours Daily

So the new lion cubs at the Smithsonian Zoo are pretty damn cute. Look at that cub. Did your ovaries explode?
But when we express our extreme love of the lion cub photos, our creepy baby-animal obsession stops there. Apparently for many of the Zoo's super fans, that is totally not the case. Some of the [...]

The Needle: Hoax Not So Wise Edition

Hard-Earned Wisdom: Yesterday afternoon, Washington Post sports columnist Mike Wise appeared to have a huge scoop on Twitter—Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger would be suspended for five games for an alleged assault. Before you could say "April Fool's in August," the Internet was abuzz with the news. Which was precisely Wise's point; the whole thing was [...]