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Morning Roundup: The Rehabilitation Friday (It’s Friday!) Edition

Good morning, Friday! I'm in a better mood today, don't worry.
If you missed our item yesterday on post-snowstorm parking spot hogging—the one with that photograph of the handmade sign promising that anyone who parks in the signmaker's spot better have a "good spare"—check it out.
According to one commenter on that post, some genius was selling [...]

Lindsey Vonn, Lindsey Vonn (A Morning Roundup)

Lindsey Vonn! Lindsey Vonn! So nice I had to bold it twice! Hey, Michael Phelps, been great to know you, but you'd look like a dork in the swimsuit issue! America has a new sweetheart, and it's not Arlington native Sandra Bullock, it's the gold-medal winnin', bruised-shin-havin', Twin Cities' own Lindsey Vonn! I DID IT [...]