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The Needle: Hipster Heat Map Edition

Who'll Stop the Rain: Why's there been so much precipitation lately? The reasons are multitudinous and highly unusual, according to the Capital Weather Gang. Shorter version: "Just the right constellation of atmospheric features...leads to an excessively wet outcome for the District and much of the East Coast." -1
Slammer Time: Tommy Branch, who beat Capitol Hill [...]

The Needle: ‘Social Media Is Hot Right Now’ Edition

Tweet On, You Crazy Diamond: Mike DeBonis confirms that former Mayor-for-Life Marion Barry is, indeed, tweeting his own tweets from a brand new Twitter account. “The social media is hot right now,” he says. “I want to keep in touch with technology. I want to stay in touch with the young people.” Sample tweet: "@KwameBrownDC WELL [...]

From Arts Desk: Why Huffington Post Is Wrong About the Lincoln Theatre

My colleague Ally Schweitzer argues that the faltering Lincoln Theatre can't be saved with public dollars:
The Lincoln Theatre should not be propped up indefinitely, nor should it be abandoned. Lincoln has hosted strong programming recently, including two Arena Stage seasons, an NEA Jazz Masters concert, the go-go awards, and a two-day Indian arts festival. But promoters [...]

From the Arts Desk: The Lincoln Logs

Ally Schweitzer explains how bad the financial situation actually is for the Lincoln Theatre. With an infographic!

Illustration by Brooke Hatfield