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Nationals License Plates Coming Soon

Nationals fans pining for next spring will soon have another way to show their support for the team: on their cars. In an email to fans today, the team announced that it's launching a branded license plate program in Maryland and the District.
"Ignite Your Natitude while you drive!" promises the email. The Nationals are [...]

Are Anti-Statehood License Covers Illegal?

Have you seen this car? Earlier today, Capitol Hill resident Jay Goodman Tamboli snapped a photo of this BMW parked on 4th Street SE between East Capitol and A streets and sent it out via Twitter. Take a closer look at the license plate. See the cover? It reads "DC's Not a State, Get Over [...]

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the Vainest of Them All? Virginia!

Care of the recently launched Book of Odds website – where you can learn the odds of just about anything, from having sex within an hour of bedtime (1 in 3.7) to choking on a non-food object (1 in 92,950) – comes the news that Virginia is the vainest state. At least as measured by [...]