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The Five Best Signs Counter-Protesting the Westboro Baptist Church at Wilson High

One thing sure to get teenagers out of bed early: a threatened protest by the Westboro Baptist Church. This morning, about 100 students, parents, and alumni lined the streets in front of Woodrow Wilson High School in anticipation of a protest by the anti-gay Topeka church. Excited and draped in rainbow flags, the counter-protesters waited for the Church to [...]

Video Touting Homophobic Gay-to-Straight Therapy Shown in, Then Dropped From, Prince George’s County Classrooms

If you're attracted to members of your own sex, you can get therapy to change that. It's an idea mainstream medical organizations have described as dangerous—and, it turns out,  it's also a message that's been taught to some middle schoolers in Prince George's County since last year.
Starting last fall, some seventh grade health classes in [...]

Child Welfare Hearing Shows City Agency Still Struggling

At Thursday's oversight hearing before Ward One Councilmember Jim Graham's Committee on Human Services, a mother recounted what life has been like for her 13-year-old daughter since she was taken into D.C.'s child-welfare agency's custody. It has been a horror show.
Since coming into the system six months ago,  the daughter has been raped twice.
The city [...]

The District’s Homophobic Bullies Part Two: It’s All About The Jeans

Last week, I chronicled one very good cop's encounter with kids who were victims of homophobia. I also wrote about one foster child's horrific journey through the District's child-welfare system. This week I'm going to focus on my interviews with the lawyers, judges, and advocates who see homophobia up close via their involvement with the [...]

The District’s Homophobic Bullies

This week I wrote about a gay D.C. foster kid, Kenneth Jones, who had been bullied at school, relentlessly teased by relatives, and eventually threatened by his foster father. I have been following Kenneth for two-and-a-half years. Much of that bullying or its aftermath I'd witnessed. But in the course of my reporting, I interviewed [...]