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NTSB: Metro’s ‘Ineffective Inspection and Maintenance Practices’ Led to Fatal Smoke Incident [UPDATE]

The board established "probable cause" behind the L'Enfant Plaza smoke incident.

Metro to Face Dozens of Lawsuits, ‘Daily and Unannounced’ Inspections

Metro faces growing pressure to improve safety

Metro Creates New Fire/Rescue Liaison Position to Improve Safety

Metro has hired a "fire/rescue liaison" to improve emergency responses.

Photo: From The Series “Lunch Hour”

L'Enfant Plaza, August 23

Piece of Metro Escalator Breaks Off, Sends Three to the Hospital

A day after broken escalators closed Dupont Circle for an hour, escalator problems persist. But this time, they're coming after people.
Around 8:30 this morning at L'Enfant Plaza, according to Metro spokeswoman Cathy Asato, a commuter's bag or clothing caught on the escalator. A piece of steel broke off and hit passengers, sending five tumbling down [...]

Photo: Woman In Red

L'Enfant Plaza Station, May 2nd.  © 2012 Matt Dunn

Photo: Woman on Escalator

L'Enfant Plaza Station. © 2012 Michael W. Hicks

Photo: Man with Black Hat

L'Enfant Plaza, Jan. 24th.  © 2012 Matt Dunn

This Week’s Page Three Photo

L'Enfant Plaza, November 17
Past page three photos are in a gallery.

The Needle: Search This Edition

Don't Touch My Bag: Turns out searching bags on Metro is even less popular than raising fares. Last night, the Metro Riders' Advisory Council voted overwhelmingly to ask the transit agency to stop the new policy, which looks more and more like an irritating, expensive, and pointless exercise. But since that's never stopped Metro from [...]

Would I.M. Pei Get to Veto L’Enfant Plaza Remix?

For all those who would like to bulldoze L'Enfant Plaza and remake what's often considered the District's worst example of urban planning, you might run into some problems with architect I.M. Pei, who designed many of L'Enfant Plaza's buildings.
Take a lesson from New York City from earlier this week, where New York University backed off [...]

SEC to Expand Into Denuded Edward Durrell Stone Building

In a former professional life, this City Desk contributor worked in the bowels of the old U.S. Department of Transportation headquarters building at 7th and D streets SW. The Nassif Building, as it was called, had dismal interior spaces with removable walls that made the office building in the 1985 film Brazil seem cheery.
But its [...]