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Weekend in Review

Good thing the Washington Post's Martin Weil has stuck around through all the buyouts and attrition at the region's dominant daily. Without him, after all, we wouldn't have those periodic weather-checks in the paper. A few excerpts from the latest, which ran on Sunday:

Cheap Seats Daily: Asian Tiger?

Let's get right to the issue of the day. The winners of the first three AT&T National events at Congressional:
2007 — KJ Choi
2008 — Anthony Kim
2009 — Tiger Woods
The liberal media doesn't want you to know: There's an Asian bias to Tiger's tournament!
Woods exploited this bias to beat a field that included upstart white guys [...]

Legg Mason Crowds Better Than Nats Fans

It's funny how after spending one night at Legg Mason, I feel like I've endured more than my share of crowd snobbery. Last time I was in attendance, Jimmy Connors was playing. So it's been a while. But some of the crowd behavior was shocking–even in the bleacher seats!
*A few seats down the row [...]