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FishbowlDC Responds to Libel Claims: It’s Satire!

We're still one cruel month away from the first hearing in Washington publicist Wendy Gordon's lawsuit against Washington media site FishbowlDC. But by reading Fishbowl owner Mediabistro's response to the complaint, filed Wednesday, we can get a taste of  the company's upcoming defense.
Gordon, you'll remember, is suing Fishbowl for libel over a series of posts [...]

Giver Beware: If You’re Doing Pro Bono Work for the District, Don’t Sign Any Checks

It seemed like a simple enough plan for the venerable public relations firm Ogilvy: Design a few ads for the D.C. Public Schools' new teacher recruitment initiative, place them in local media markets, get good corporate karma for doing the work pro bono, and bill the District for any expenses incurred.
Except if they don't reimburse [...]

Note to Process Servers: Try D.C. Jail

The alleged mastermind of a mass shooting is, for reasons unrelated to the carnage, being sued by a car insurance company. The State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company wants $40,000 from Orlando Carter.
Prosecutors believe that Carter, allegedly a small-time drug dealer who operated in the Washington Highlands area, and three of his buddies attacked a throng [...]

It’s About Time: D.C. Police Release General Orders In Response To FOIA Fight

In early 2009, the Partnership for Civil Justice filed a lawsuit in D.C. Superior Court in the hopes that the D.C. Police Department would get its act together and comply with a very basic FOIA request. What did the civil rights lawyers want?
They wanted the D.C. Police to cough up their operational procedures and general [...]