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Court Hands D.C. an Obscure Home Rule Defeat

This afternoon, Legal Times' Mike Scarcella notes that an odd dispute between D.C.'s federal and local prosecutors has been settled by the D.C. Court of Appeals.
The District lost.
The implications of the ruling are narrow but sharp: It pretty much puts the kibosh on any attempts, short of congressional action, to expand the Office of the [...]

Marion Barry Arrest: Keeping Mum at Press Conference

Marion Barry appeared in front of cameras this morning for the first time since his Saturday-night arrest, but that's about all he did. Longtime lawyer Fred Cooke did virtually all the talking, while Barry stood behind him in a gray suit, fedora, and paisley tie, remaining mute save for an occasional whisper in Cooke's ear.
In [...]

How Harriette Walters Made Up For Her Crimes

"She had a nice run; now it's time to pay the piper. That's all there is to it."
That's what LL heard from a fellow spectator in Courtroom 24 of the E. Barrett Prettyman United States Courthouse this morning, while we waited for the greatest thief of public funds in District government history, Harriette Walters, to [...]

Lawyers Use Web Site, Google Ads to Find Metro Crash Victims

Hurt in Monday's Metro crash and looking for legal representation? The folks behind would be happy to help you out.
The site actually includes a bunch of pretty good information about the crash—information that might be taken as somewhat incriminating, anyway. That the train operator 'had been on the job for four months'; that the [...]

Nickles Goes After Another Special Ed Lawyer

Attorney General Peter J. Nickles isn't letting no federal judge get him down.
Nope, mere weeks after U.S. District Judge Richard W. Roberts threw down on him for pursing lawyer John A. Straus, Nickles announces today he is embarking on a similar effort against Fatmata Barrie and her employer, the Law Office of Christopher N. Anwah. [...]

Harold Brazil Trial: About That Night

The day's proceedings in United States v. Harold Brazil wrapped up shortly before 5 p.m. today, with the trial to continue Monday in Judge Jennifer Anderson's courtroom.
Read up if you missed the earlier coverage. The afternoon's testimony introduced the two women who accompanied Brazil to the rowdy night at the tattoo parlor. First to testify [...]

Should District-Funded Lawyers Be Able to Sue the District?

For the past two years, the District of Columbia has budgeted millions of dollars to help the poor hire lawyers to do civil legal work. This year, for instance, $3.6 million has been handed to the D.C. Bar Foundation to be in turn disbursed to various groups that do legal work for the indigent. This [...]

Feds: Barry Stopped Paying D.C. Back Taxes in July

UPDATE, 3:35 P.M.: Nickles will pursue garnishment of wages—details at bottom of post.
Federal prosecutors this afternoon filed court documents saying not only did Marion Barry not file his federal tax return, but that he failed for seven months to repay back taxes owed the very government he's been elected to serve.
The revelations come in a [...]

Embattled GWU Lead Researcher Lawyers Up

The name of Tee Guidotti, the George Washington University health professor who penned a 2007 study on waterborne lead in the District, has been dragged through the mud in recent weeks, and the professor has now hired a top litigator to help clean it up again.
The controversy originated in articles by Environmental Science and Technology [...]

Paul Strauss DUI Trial Postponed to June

LL was all pumped and ready for the Trial of the Century—that, of course, being the adjudication of Shadow Sen. Paul Strauss' October drunk-driving arrest.
The trial was scheduled for Monday morning in the courtroom of Superior Court Judge Marisa J. Demeo, but alas, the drama must wait: Strauss' lawyer filed a motion Monday to postpone [...]

Breaking: FBI Raids OCTO Offices

Per WTOP's Mark Segraves and his Twitter feed, FBI agents are searching the Office of the Chief Technology Officer's executive suite located at One Judiciary Square. It's unclear at this point which particular office or which particular OCTO employee the feds might be targeting.
All of the OCTO employees on the premises have been sent home. [...]

Nickles: CFSA Director to Be Named Within Week

Attorney General Peter Nickles today told a federal judge that Mayor Adrian M. Fenty expects to name a new director for the Child and Family Services Agency "within a week."
CFSA has been without a permanent director since Sharlynn Bobo resigned in July. She was replaced on an interim basis by deputy Roque Gerald, who appeared [...]

Is D.C. House Vote Constitutional? That’s Not for Jason Chaffetz to Decide

In yesterday's Loose Lips Daily, LL referred icily to the anti-District voting rights stance of Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz, who holds firmly that the D.C. House Voting Rights Act is unconstitutional. LL said the new, famously office-dwelling congressman is "playing armchair constitutional expert," seeing as the man holds no law degree and spent his professional [...]