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D.C. Lawyer Sues “Son” LeBron James for Defamation

Washington attorney Leicester Bryce Stovell remembers that night on 1983. He was at Chinatown bar d.c. space, and he had his eye on a woman: Gloria James. He took her home, only to hear from her a few months later. She was pregnant, and planned to name the baby LeBron.
“Well, if he’s mine, make sure [...]

Uber Driver Allegedly Assaults Customer for Burping

A little gas can cause big trouble. Sedan service Uber finds itself the subject of a lawsuit—and with one fewer driver—after a customer's burp allegedly sent the driver into anti-American, anti-gay rant.
The trouble started on Feb. 13, 2012, according to a case filed last month in D.C. Superior Court. Arlington resident Seth Bender ordered an [...]

Stripper: Club Manager Demanded Sexual Favors

For a place where topless women gyrate on poles, D.C.'s Stadium Club has a pretty classy reputation. The Washington Post even declared it "a chic hot spot for young African American women". But according to a new lawsuit, there may be a sleazier side to one of the District's hottest strip clubs.
Dancer Talayna Clements stripped [...]

District’s Post-Heller Gun Laws Are OK, Judge Says

Gun restrictions passed by District lawmakers in the wake of the Supreme Court's 2008 Heller v. District of Columbia decision are constitutional, a federal trial judge has ruled.
The plaintiffs—which include Dick Heller, the retired security guard whose name tops the landmark case—challenged the constitutionality of city laws implementing a registration process and restricting [...]

Gay Marriage Is Not Fit for Ballot, Judge Rules

Superior Court Judge Judith Macaluso has upheld the city elections board's decision to keep gay marriage off of the ballot.
In a 23-page decision [PDF] granting the Board of Elections and Ethics' motion for summary judgment, Macaluso found that ballot initiatives are indeed subject to the city's Human Right Act, and that the initiative filed by [...]

Rosenbaum Medic Can Keep Job, Appeals Court Says

Selena Walker, the D.C. emergency medical technician who decided to take a gravely injured man to a distant hospital so she could run some errands afterward, was fired illegally by the city, the District's high court ruled today [PDF].
That man was David Rosenbaum, the New York Times reporter who was assaulted on a Chevy Chase [...]

Fenty on Arenas: ‘People Deserve Second Chances’

In his appearance this morning on WRC-TV, Mayor Adrian M. Fenty addressed the gun allegations against Gilbert Arenas:

Loose Lips Quotes of 2009: Marion Barry

”I was just distracted, frankly.”
—Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry, Feb. 10

Loose Lips Quotes of 2009: Judge Thomas F. Hogan

"I don’t understand your approach today, coming in and throwing down the gauntlet."
—U.S. District Judge Thomas F. Hogan, Feb. 6

Judge Rules Against Fired Teachers

The nearly 388 DCPS employees fired in early October will not be rehired anytime soon.
Today, Superior Court Judge Judith Bartnoff denied a request from the Washington Teachers' Union to reinstate the fired employees, including 266 WTU members, pending the outcome of a lawsuit.
The employees were laid off by DCPS as part of a "reduction in [...]

Accused Taxi Briber Will Stay in Jail, Judge Says

Yitbarek Syume, alleged leader of a bribery scheme targeting the D.C. Taxicab Commission, has been ordered to remain in jail pending trial, Jason Cherkis reports from the federal courthouse.
U.S. District Judge Paul L. Friedman's ruling this afternoon overturns an Oct. 9 decision by Magistrate Judge Deborah A. Robinson to allow Syume to live in a [...]

D.C. Taxi Probe: Who Are These People?

Details are still fairly scarce as the federal taxicab investigation develops, but this much is clear: Most of those targeted are members of the East African community.
First came revelations that the man who bribed D.C. Council aide Ted Loza was none other than Abdul Kamus (pictured), a man this paper once hailed as the "de [...]

RIP: Dimitri Mallios, ‘Dean’ of D.C. Liquor Lawyers

Dimitri P. Mallios, Washington's "dean of Alcoholic Beverage Control attorneys," died yesterday at 77.
Mallios was first among a relatively small cadre of D.C. attorneys representing restaurants, bars, clubs, and hotels in front of city liquor authorities; his services helped myriad establishments navigate an arcane licensing process and fend off countless neighbors and advisory neighborhood commissions.
He [...]

Is Keeping AHOD Worth a $3M Budget Hit?

Yesterday, an arbitrator ruled that the D.C. police department's "All Hands on Deck" initiative violated the officers' contract and must be stopped. Chief Cathy L. Lanier promptly announced that the show must go on, indicating her intention to continue with AHOD weekends scheduled for November and December.
At this point, one cannot be surprised by the [...]

Judge Halts City Property Tax Auction

If you were hoping to show up today at the Office of Tax and Revenue and bid on a piece of tax-delinquent property, think again: A Superior Court judge has halted the yearly tax sale.
Judge Brook Hedge granted a preliminary injunction yesterday halting the sale, scheduled for today through Friday, as part of a lawsuit [...]