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Jason Reid Goes Ground and Pound On Mike Shanahan

Yesterday afternoon on WJFK-FM's "LaVar and Dukes Show," the hosts took a short break in between LaVar Arrington's JoePa-enabling monologues (seriously, the Penn State Board of Trustees would have removed Arrington from the airwaves if he said "He followed protocol!" one more damn time) to bring on the Washington Post's Jason Reid.
Awesome radio ensued.

Reid [...]

The Sins of Dan Snyder, Live on the Radio

If you want to hear a live radio version of Dave McKenna's alphabetical evisceration of Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder, you're in luck. McKenna will appear on The LaVar Arrington Show With Chad Dukes on 106.7, WJFK-FM (known as The Fan these days), at 4 p.m. today.
Listen live here.
Dukes, of course, went on an emotional tirade [...]

The Needle: Release the Sandbags Edition

D.C. Sandbags Residents: Did our friends at TBD pick the right time of the year to launch a website with sections devoted to "Weather" and "Commute," or what? Yet again, heavy rains led to flooding around the region, snarling traffic and almost making people nostalgic for the good old days of 100 degree highs. (Almost.) [...]

The Needle: Petworth is for Professionals Edition

Don't Blame the Reporters!: The Washington Post Company may face a credit ratings downgrade from Moody's. But for once, it's not being blamed on writers, photographers, statisticians or any of the other journalistic types Wall Street usually picks on. Instead, it seems, proposed changes in student loan guidelines could hurt business at Kaplan, the profitable education [...]

The Needle: Yes We Can Edition

Vincent Gray Meets Obama: The D.C. Council chairman's mayoral campaign spread the news by email, Twitter, and blog post: Vincent Gray had shaken the hand of the president of the United States! Less impressive: They bumped into each other at a basketball game. Even less impressive: The campaign saw fit to announce that Gray had [...]

Tiger Woods + Rae Carruth = Creepy Good Sportstalk!

Good talk-radio hosts let listeners know how they really feel, even when they shouldn't. LaVar Arrington is a good talk-radio host.
And on yesterday's show on WJFK, when the topic of Tiger Woods' alleged $750 million divorce settlement came up, Arrington went off.
After saying the legal system is "sexist" in divorce settlements, Arrington blurted: "That's why [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Gary Clark’s Party’s On AGAIN?

Former Redskins great Gary Clark has just issued another party promo:

2009 Redskin Players of the Year Awards and Gridiron Super Bowl Tribute

In a time when some doubt the DOMINANCE of the BURGUNDY and GOLD, we must remember where the fear and the Dominance of the Burgundy & Gold came... It [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Snyder’s PR Hire Calls Redskins ‘a Mediocre Team’?

Redskins training camp opened yesterday without Stephen Strasburg Brian Orakpo or Michael Vick. There was, however, a group of fans calling for the team to bring Vick in. Spurned ex-Redskin LaVar Arrington wondered on his WJFK radio show whether the Vick clique was hired by Dan Snyder as a "guerilla marketing campaign" to prepare the [...]

Weekend In Review: Two Years for Rhee

Good to see Michelle Rhee getting some ink these days. It's been two years since she started as chancellor of the D.C. public schools, a time the Washington Post figures is as good as any to go long on her performance.
The catchy lede, on why Rhee appeared on the cover of Time mag holding [...]