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The Needle: Horse on the Loose

The Great Escape: Incredibly, a horse that escaped from a Laurel Park racetrack this morning avoided serious injury. +3
Train in Vain: So, who's doing a hit piece on smart growth spiritual leader David Alpert? +/- 0

Hey, Hollywood: Have You Heard About King Leatherbury and Ben’s Cat?

I wrote a column this week about legendary Maryland trainer King Leatherbury. I realized years ago that there are good stories, and then there are horse racing stories.
Leatherbury's got a horse racing story.
Leatherbury is currently looking for somebody to put up $100,000 so his over-achieving gelding, Ben's Cat, can run against the best-bred [...]

More Evidence That Horse Racing Has Fallen Off the Track

Andrew Beyer wrote a devastating column about the odd behavior of Magna Entertainment, the owner of Maryland's two Thoroughbred racetracks, during the application process for a slot machine license.
The story appeared on Page E3, inside the sports section.
Beyer details how Magna, after years of crying about how unless slots come to the racetrack the racetrack [...]