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Cheap Seats Daily: What Sort of Clown Would Write an ‘Open Letter’ to Tiger Woods?

Today's Tiger Woods bits:
Michael Wilbon says Tiger's a better sportsman for getting caught with his pants down.
But that ain't the brainlessest thing written about Tiger lately. No, Wilbon's thesis reads like Malcolm Gladwell next to the efforts of CNBC's Larry Kudlow and FoxSports' Robert Lusetich. And the Denver Examiner's Rose Conley. And Rev. Ziegler over [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Should Mike Nolan Send a Tub of Rocky Road Ice Cream to Dan Snyder’s Box on Sunday?

The civil war in Redskins Nation claims another victim: The fan-organized meet-and-greets at Redskins Park before and after away games have gone underground.
For years, messages about the wheres and whens of the pep rallies/wakes were posted each week on Dan Snyder's message board,, so fans could celebrate with or lift the spirits of Skins [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Where’s Dan Snyder? Where’s Dan Snyder’s Crisis PR?

Dan Snyder was in the news a lot while I was on vacation. He's keeping whatever thoughts he has about the Washington Post's series on selling tickets to scalpers and litigation against down-on-their-luck grandmothers to himself.
While some team lawyer nobody ever heard of named David Donovan did radio and print interviews attempting to counter James [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Snyder’s PR Hire Calls Redskins ‘a Mediocre Team’?

Redskins training camp opened yesterday without Stephen Strasburg Brian Orakpo or Michael Vick. There was, however, a group of fans calling for the team to bring Vick in. Spurned ex-Redskin LaVar Arrington wondered on his WJFK radio show whether the Vick clique was hired by Dan Snyder as a "guerilla marketing campaign" to prepare the [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Michael Vick Is the New Justin Timberlake?

I wrote a column this week about one of the bizarrest happenings in local prep ball history, and a game I'd been hearing about for years: The 1970 summer league matchup between John Thompson's St. Anthony's squad and the Morgan Wootten-coached DeMatha.
They were the two best teams in the city back then, and played before [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Snyder Hires Guy Who Coined “FedUpField?

The Redskins announced last night they'd hired Larry Weisman of USAToday. Does this mean Dan Snyder cares about improving his relationship with the media? Or just one more signal that every good newspaperman's now going or already gone to PR or government? Or both?
Seems like a great hire. Weisman's been writing about the NFL for [...]