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Sam Huff: From “The Violent World” to His Own World

Sam Huff is the best reason to listen to Redskins radio broadcasts. The Hall of Fame linebacker and Redskins/Giant legend, who has been handling Skins games for about 30 years, has seemed wobbly in the booth for a while.
But by now that wobbliness has reached a level of consistency that makes the audience stay tuned so as not to miss whatever [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: There’s No Difference Between a Grownup Autograph Seeker and a Jerk?

Fabulous thread from the entertaining putzes at Dan Snyder's fan forum, What started out as yet another rant against Larry Michael, the team's play-by-play announcer, turned into message board magic.
The member known as MWCRedskins got things going by posting "Larry Michael Must Go!" a tirade against Michael, who has long been Public Enemy No. [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Should Mike Nolan Send a Tub of Rocky Road Ice Cream to Dan Snyder’s Box on Sunday?

The civil war in Redskins Nation claims another victim: The fan-organized meet-and-greets at Redskins Park before and after away games have gone underground.
For years, messages about the wheres and whens of the pep rallies/wakes were posted each week on Dan Snyder's message board,, so fans could celebrate with or lift the spirits of Skins [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: The Johnny Rockets Menu Proves Dan Snyder Is Priceless?

Dan Snyder's detestability rating enjoyed another spike yesterday: Reports out of FedExField for the Tampa Bay game have Snyder confiscating paper bags at the entrance to his stadium, so fans couldn't put them on their heads for the TV cameras.
Sportstalk radio station WJFK this morning put on callers who said they got bags past the [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Who the Hell Would Buy a Redskins Scratch Ticket Now?

How over are the Redskins?
So over that on WRC, Lindsay Czarniak did her sports report Sunday night without ANY visible Skins logos on her person. (Fact.)
So over that Sonny Jurgensen didn't tussle with Jim Zorn in his postgame interview. (Fact.)
So over that starting this week, the Virginia Lottery has changed first prize for its $20 [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: How Come Sports Journalists Ain’t Journalists?

During the Redskins Broadcasting Network's telecast from Baltimore, Lindsay Czarniak asked Albert Haynesworth, in street clothes, if it was enjoyable watching his teammates play the Ravens.
"Nah, it ain't enjoyable," Haynesworth said.
Which means one thing: Big Al didn't bet the Cheap Seats Daily Double™!
Because had he followed Cheap Seats Daily's Tout #1 and bet this month's [...]