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Washington Times Lashes Back at Former Editor

Last week, the Washington Times laid off a large chunk of its newsroom, essentially junking its sports and Metro sections in favor of a more focused product. The new direction that the paper is unfurling—whatever it is—focuses on throwing less content on the street in hopes of reviving its business model.
The Washington Times, in [...]

News Analysis: The United States v. Barack Obama (Cont. Some More, Megalomaniacal Edition)

City Desk files its updated News Analysis™ on the legitimacy of the Barack Obama presidency at 7:18 p.m. last night.
Seventeen minutes later, according to press reports, Justice John Roberts rushes over to the White House and he and Obama do a do-over of the oath of office.
We'll let history decide...or a Larry Klayman lawsuit!
Geezus Chrysler, [...]

The United States v. Barack Obama (Cont.): Larry Klayman, Where Are You?

City Desk's AS-IT-HAPPENS news analysis of Chief Justice John Roberts' swearing-in flub is gaining credibility.
The Times of London is one news organization among many now raising questions about the legitimacy of Barack Obama's presidency as a result of Roberts rolling his own on the oath language, and Obama repeating Roberts' version rather than the prescribed [...]

News Analysis: Justice Roberts Screwed Up Intentionally

The stammering between Barack Obama and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts during the inaugural ceremony, it's now being reported, was a result of Roberts' reciting an incorrect version of the oath of office.
Roberts is no dummy.
Prediction: Justice Roberts will rule tomorrow in United States v. Barack Obama, a suit being filed as [...]