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The Needle: Fans Go Gaga

Wizards vs. Lady Gaga: D.C. Sports Bog further explained this afternoon how the Wizards and Lady Gaga came head to head at the Verizon Center. (Because of some bad timing, Gaga's May 15 concert at the Verizon Center may be canceled or postponed if the Wizards haven't settled their series with the Pacers by then.) [...]

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The Needle: Council Won’t Go Gaga Edition

No Meat Suit for D.C. Council: Behold, the awesome power of sunlight and transparency! Just days ago, D.C. Council members were whining to each other about how they couldn't get free tickets to their luxury suite at the Verizon Center. Unfortunately for them, but fortunately for the city, some of them also whined to The [...]