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How Much Would 16 Weeks of Paid Leave Cost D.C.?

At least $280 million per year, but perhaps as much as $1 billion.

D.C. Council Considers Worker-Protection Measures

Two bills introduced Tuesday carve out additional labor and wage requirements for local employers.

‘On-Call’ Workers Could See More Schedule Stability Under New Bill

Schedules would be set three weeks in advance for some employees.

Analysis: D.C. May Lack a Robust ‘Gig Economy’

"It is possible that the District's gig workers... are not District residents."

After Concerns Raised, Smithsonian Implements Policy for Nursing Mothers

The announcement comes after two workers'-rights groups alleged that the institution did not provide lactation spaces, staff training, and other "basic and essential" accommodations for its nursing workers.

The Cost of “Just-in-Time” Scheduling

Report: A service-sector business practice that allows employers to change employee schedules at the last minute causes devastating economic hardship on the people working these jobs.

D.C. Strippers Sue for Fair Pay

By night, exotic dancers Jewel and Barbie take off their clothes for money at Georgia Avenue NW strip club The House. But lately, stripping hasn't paid that well—and they're blaming their bosses.
Jewel and Barbie, whose real names are Akeisha Turner and Jenese Mitchell, respectively, have filed a class action lawsuit against The House. The suit [...]

AU Adjuncts Vote to Unionize

Attention American University students: Some of the folks who compile your report cards will soon carry union cards.
In a month-long election administered by the National Labor Relations Board, 379 AU adjuncts voted to be represented by Service Employees International Union Local 500. 284 voted against. AU joins about a dozen U.S. private college campuses where [...]

The Union Forever at AU?

Attention, part-time profs: Are you in or are you out? Starting today, adjunct faculty at American University will begin voting on whether or not to join the Service Employees International Union.
Supporters say collective bargaining can help improve pay and job security for adjuncts, the academic world’s version of migrant labor. Non-tenure-track faculty are generally paid [...]

More Troubling Poll Numbers for Fenty

A new survey shows Mayor Adrian M. Fenty behind in key head-to-head re-election matchups. The new data comes on the heels of a Clarus Research Group poll released last week that showed similar results.
The Clarus poll had Fenty trailing D.C. Council Chairman Vincent C. Gray, 41 to 37 percent. The new survey of 500 registered [...]

No More Emancipation Day for D.C. Workers?

Mayor Adrian M. Fenty is quietly moving to kill a perk enjoyed by D.C. employees, if not by D.C. residents.
That would be a paid day off for Emancipation Day, which falls on April 16. The day has been treated as public holiday since 2005, though in 2005 and 2006 it fell during weekends. The past [...]

WTU to Embark on PR Offensive

The Washington Teachers' Union is airing radio ads and launching a Web site to promote their teachers contract proposal, according to press release just issued by the union.
From the release: "The first radio ad features the voices of two current DC public school teachers and highlights the need for innovative and collaborative solutions to fix [...]

Cheh’s Home-Protests Bill on Hold for Now

Turns out Ward 3 Councilmember Mary M. Cheh won't be moving emergency legislation tomorrow to put additional restrictions on residential protests after all.
LL reported Friday, and the Examiner reported today, about Cheh's proposed bill, which aimed to give police the ability to put the kibosh on allegedly hostile protests by a group called Stop Huntingdon [...]

More on Cheh’s Home Protests Bill

LL continues to follow up on Ward 3 Councilmember Mary Cheh's plans to impose new restrictions on protests at private homes in the wake of alleged intimidation by animal-rights protesters.
He just spoke to John Boardman, a leader with Local 25 of UNITE HERE, a union representing hotel and restaurant employees. He and his union's membership [...]

Animal Rights Protests Have Cheh Mulling Restrictions

Remember the noise bill—when the D.C. Council attempted earlier this year to restrict amplified protests held in public space? After months of wrangling, restrictions were passed after being severely diluted thanks to labor community objections.
Now prepare to revisit some similar ground: Ward 3 Councilmember Mary Cheh yesterday informed her colleagues that she intends to introduce [...]