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Circus Update: Redskins Take Away McNabb’s Job, Chance to Break Passing Record

The Redskins have benched Donovan McNabb for Rex Grossman. No, really.
This means he won't break the all-time Redskins record for passing yards in a season.
Don't even try to tell me the benching and his approaching that record aren't related.
They're as related as Kyle and Coach Tanahan.

R You In, McNabb?

Mike Shanahan had his "Swinging Gate" moment just 8 games into his first year.
Skins fans haven't been this blindsided by a coaching blunder in, well, however many weeks it's been since Jim Zorn called that fake field goal against the Giants.
What made memories of Zorn's call so durable was that the coach stuck with it even after the Giants [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: With Zorn Gone, the Redskins Can Get Back to Hiring Father/Son Combos?

We now know who the previous Redskins coach was: The Skins fired Jim Zorn.
And, with the 16-game preseason schedule for the 2010 season over after that loss to the San Diego JV, today we'll find out who the next Skins coach will be.
Everybody still says Mike Shanahan is really coming to town. By the time [...]