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Know Your Browns!

The Needle: Rolling Deep Edition

Potential Circulator Cuts and Reallocation Looms: The District Department of Transportation is considering whether to cut the Smithsonian-National Gallery of Art Circulator bus route in order to provide more service on the Union Station-Capitol Hill line. While it's too bad we can't have endless transit funding to do both, cutting the Mall route wouldn't drastically [...]

The Needle: Navigation Edition

Fully Unloaded: The job of D.C. Council chairman just got a lot less attractive; sure, there's the $190,000 annual salary, and the ability to boss around the other members of the legislature (though admittedly, that only goes so far). But as of today, Kwame Brown no longer gets a car. Mayor Vince Gray, apparently realizing [...]

The Needle: Walmart Doesn’t Kill People, Guns Do Edition

Fully Responsible: D.C. Council Chairman Kwame Brown is finally showing signs of realizing that ordering two high-end SUVs in the middle of a budget crunch might not be the key to everlasting gratitude among his constituents. He's e-mailing District residents who complain about the Lincoln Navigators to take "full responsibility" for the lease deal. Of [...]

The Needle: Fully Loaded Edition

Fully Loaded: D.C. government offices were closed today for President's Day, which most years is a holiday, but this year is an unpaid furlough for city employees. On his day off, though, D.C. Council Chairman Kwame Brown had his choice of not one, but two, "fully loaded" Lincoln Navigators to ride around town—one with a [...]


The Needle: Frozen Edition

The Ice of the Inner Loop: Take one part rush hour, one part severe cold snap, one part aging infrastructure, mix gently, and what do you get? Chaos. A water main burst near Central Avenue early this morning, leaving several lanes of the Beltway under water—which, in the delightful Arctic cold that descended on the [...]

The Needle: This Line For Sale Edition

Metro Sells Out: Usually, name changes at Metro stations involve adding some neighborhood feature or nearby attraction (and yes, we're talking about you, Archives-Navy Memorial-Penn Quarter). The next name swap might involve replacing all the clunky hyphenations with corporate ads. Strapped for cash, Metro officials are considering selling the naming rights to stations. Considering the [...]

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Monday Morning Obviousness: Skins Do OK Against Backup QBs

If only the Redskins could knock out the starting quarterback every week.
Yesterday's win in Philadelphia, highlighted by Michael Vick's sandwiching and subsequent benching, followed a familiar pattern. Two-thirds of the Redskins wins in the last two seasons have now come against backups.
While compiling last year's 4-12 record, three of the Skins' four Ws came against non-starting QBs.
In Oakland, remember, [...]

Loose Lips Daily: Waiving Fees Edition

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¿Dónde está Fenty?

NIMBY grill
Don't cover this!

Good morning sweet readers! The power is back. All hail the demon lords of electricity, who giveth light, the Internet, and a [...]

Loose Lips Daily: Bad Timing Edition

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Jim and Adrian on Park Road
Hizzoner doesn't own an iPod, or so he says
Mid-blink poster

Good morning sweet readers! OMG, it happened again: LL gave birth to a [...]

Business Groups Yawn as Orange Pushes Brown’s Debt Problems

LL's column this week—which drops in tomorrow's paper and will be available online later tonight—looks at what, if any, impact D.C. Council chairman candidate Kwame Brown's debt problems will have on the race. (There are also a few new details those of you who have been paying close attention to this story might find interesting—even you, [...]