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It’s Not About The Bike(s): Loose Lips Daily

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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: "Howard Theater Set To Break Ground In August,"Dennis Sobin Is Offended By Anti-Fenty Booing," "Witness: Joe Price 'Pulled The Knife Out' of Robert Wone," [...]

Fenty, Transparency, Scrutiny: The Political Fallout of FOIA Reform

Roy Morris describes his struggles in getting D.C. government agencies to comply with Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests as "Kafkaesque."
"They use these exceptions to deny anything," Morris told D.C. Councilmembers at a hearing this week on open government and transparency at the Wilson Building . “I don’t want to pick on the attorney general," Morris added. To which, [...]

Jaffe Tried To Kill Police Complaints Office With Errors

During the recent debate over the budget cuts to city services, Examiner columnist Harry Jaffe replaced his pen with an ax, proposing to eliminate the Office of Police Complaints.  That's right. Cut the whole damn office out of existence. Jaffe wrote:
"At a time when the District government is $500 million in the hole, allow me [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Firing Offenses

In the past few weeks, City Desk readers have pissed and moaned about accountability in District government affairs whether it's Marion Barry's 62nd fall from grace, the D.C. Council's investigation into Fenty crony contracts, or Pershing Park. From commenter "Sparkle":
"Vincent Gray and the constituents of ward 8 enabled Barry for decades. I doubt anything has [...]

Is Det. Michael Baylor’s Snowball Case Still Pending?

On Dec. 19, Det. Michael Baylor pulled a gun during a snowball fight at 14th and U Streets NW. That day, witnesses produced photos and video of the incident. Even Police Chief Cathy Lanier felt compelled to publicly admonish Baylor for his gun-toting antics. But it seems the Baylor case has yet to be completed [...]

Baumann Wins Another Term As Police Union Chief

Yesterday, Kristopher Baumann won another two-year term as Chairman of the FOP/MPD Labor Committee.This will be his third term playing the sharpest thorn in the side of police brass. The preliminary vote tally shows that the rank and file more than approve of Baumann's work. Out of the 1800 or so that voted, Baumann received [...]

D.C. Police Official Allegedly Threatens Cop

The No. 1 complaint of most D.C. Police officers isn't about stupid residents. Or even false alarms. Or, for that matter, thugs.
The rank and file, rather, love to bitch about their bosses. They've never made any real arrests. They're messing around with my days off. They don't let me do my job.

And that's where it [...]

Chief Cathy Lanier’s AHOD Comes Up Short

The D.C. Police Department's All-Hands-On-Deck program ended the year with a whimper. The program was such a bust that the last AHOD weekend didn't even produce a press release touting huge arrest numbers! The reason? This final AHOD took place during the weekend of the big snow storm. Maybe Chief Cathy Lanier should have canceled [...]

Police Union Chief Calls For DOJ To Investigate Pershing Park

D.C. Police Union Chief Kristopher Baumann has reviewed Ret. Judge Stanley Sporkin's report on the missing and/or destroyed evidence in the Pershing Park case. Baumann says he has concluded that there can be only one next step: The case should be referred to the Department of Justice.
“There needs to be an independent prosecutor set up," [...]

Pershing Park Case: Defending Det. Hustler

When a D.C. cop speaks out unfavorably against the department, they can expect a little hostility in the workplace. Best case: they'll get some kind of written warning. Worst case:  they'll get transferred to a dull desk job. One thing they may not count on is a personal attack from Attorney General Peter Nickles.
In a [...]

Is Keeping AHOD Worth a $3M Budget Hit?

Yesterday, an arbitrator ruled that the D.C. police department's "All Hands on Deck" initiative violated the officers' contract and must be stopped. Chief Cathy L. Lanier promptly announced that the show must go on, indicating her intention to continue with AHOD weekends scheduled for November and December.
At this point, one cannot be surprised by the [...]

No More ‘All Hands on Deck’ for D.C. Cops, Ruling Says

The Metropolitan Police Department's "All Hands on Deck" initiative violates the terms of officers' labor contract and must be ended, an arbitrator has ruled.
"AHODs," three-day periods during which all sworn police officers are required to work eight-hour patrol shifts, have been a favorite tool of Mayor Adrian M. Fenty and Chief Cathy L. Lanier since [...]

D.C. Council Introduces Bill To Expand Office Of Police Complaints Oversight

Earlier this month, three D.C. Councilmembers—Mendelson, Cheh, and Bowser— introduced legislation that would significantly beef up the oversight powers of the Office of Police Complaints. The bill would expand the authority of the Police Complaints Board to monitor complaints filed with D.C. Police and Housing Authority cops. The bill would remedy the on-going problem of [...]