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Cash-Strapped Washington Post Cuts Back on Cafeteria

The fringe benefits of being a Washington Post reporter are starting to disappear. First, citing an "urgent need to reduce costs," the paper ditched tuition reimbursement. Next up for cuts, according to a memo sent out today: the company cafeteria.
Chief Financial Officer Usha Chaudhary writes in the memo that, starting in March, the Post's cafeteria will [...]

Post Cagey on Quote-Approval Policy

Monday's New York Times story about papers like the Times and the Washington Post giving presidential campaigns veto power over their quotes is getting a reaction. The Times is reviewing its policy, and the Washington Examiner's editorial board says it'll never succumb to the temptation, although it's not clear who asked them.
The Post, meanwhile, has [...]

Post Reporters: Don’t Go to Jon Stewart March, Do Testify at D.C. Council

Last year, when Jon Stewart organized his "Rally to Restore Sanity," the Washington Post was one of several organizations to send a memo out to its newsroom staff that forbade them from participating:
Events, like those organized by Glenn Beck or involving Jon Stewart and Steven [sic] Colbert, are political, and therefore Post newsroom employees may not [...]

Style Editor Ned Martel Refuses to Comment on Horrible Sally Quinn Column

The buzz around town today is all about Sally Quinn's new low, aka a column in this morning's Style section in which she explains all about a wedding-scheduling snafu in her own family.
For all of you who have substantive things to worry about, this is what the piece was about: In recent days, there've been [...]

What, Exactly, Is the Washington Post‘s Mission?

Item No. 1 in the Mystery of the Washington Post's Murky Mission: Last December, Post Publisher Katharine Weymouth issues the "Road Forward," a strategy memo that includes these now-iconic lines: Being for, and about Washington, means addressing our local readers’ core needs. Strong news coverage, enterprise and investigative reporting, expert analysis and informed commentary will [...]

Brauchli Intervenes in Style Fistfight

Around deadline on Friday, some tensions boiled over in the Style section of the Washington Post. According to an informed source, a disagreement arose between reporter Manuel Roig-Franzia and storied Style veteran Henry Allen.
Though it's unclear exactly what they were arguing about, it is clear that the mood was testy. Testy enough, that is, for [...]