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In Defense of Expired Tag Arrests?

Hmm, in defending the city's recent arrest of a driver with expired tags, Fraternal Order of Police head Kristopher Baumann is making sense here:
The pressure to change the law has not come from D.C. residents; it has come because well-connected nonresidents were arrested and didn’t like it. Just like last year, those few arrests have sparked [...]

MPD Cracks Down on Tiger Blood?


The Metropolitan Police Department has been conducting an internal investigation into its members providing police escorts for celebrities like Charlie Sheen. Now, there's a shakeup in the police division that provided the escorts.
The motorcades violated official policy. In May, Chief Cathy Lanier told WTOP that Sheen's escort was approved by a "middle manager" in the [...]

MPD Retakes Test Washed Out By Cheating Allegations

The Metropolitan Police Department brass has to take a tough exam all over again, and it's due on Friday. MPD spokesperson Gwendolyn Crump says that's the deadline for the intelligence-led policing test police leaders are required to complete online.
The test was first issued this fall, but has been reformulated and re-administered because [...]

Some Cops React to Gray Giving Lanier the Nod

Some members of the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department aren't "furious" about Chief Cathy Lanier keeping her job. "I'm very happy about it," says one high-ranking police official, who asked for anonymity because members of MPD have been asked not to talk to the media. "I think it's good, I think we're [...]

Why Didn’t Adrian Fenty Get a Ticket?

By now you may know that Mayor Adrian Fenty made a right-hand turn last night in Chinatown while driving his city-owned Smart Car—without using his turn signal—and received a warning from a police officer for his offense.
(Turning without a signal! We know, we know; the horror!)
But why not a ticket? Is there an unwritten [...]