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Kojo: “What’s With The Hatred of Adrian Fenty?”

Must watch commentary from Kojo. Is Fenty anti-poor people? Or is Kojo right that the anti-Fenty anger is a little over the top?
My two cents: When you spend $400,000 on a dog park while D.C. General's emergency shelter is overcrowded, a case can be made that Fenty's priorities lean a little in the anti-poor people [...]

The Definition Of BS?

"The mayor had nothing to do with the contract."—Peter Nickles on Kojo concerning questions related to the parks contracts to Fenty's frat brothers. Then why is there a hearing going on? Maybe Nickles needs to read LL's latest column.
And this from Nickles: "I think Mary Cheh is great....Mary Cheh is a great councilmember."

Crime Bill Angst

There's been a lot of grandstanding over the pending crime bill. Mendo has been particularly targeted in silly ways–at a press conference and at recent hearing. Now comes Muriel Bowser on Kojo with her own bit of fear mongering. (She's BSing right now! on gangs). Bowser argues that the police need better tools in dealing [...]

More Critters Gone Wild: Gorilla Warfare!

More footage from the National Zoo, where Baraka and the other gorillas got involved in a bit of a dust-up!