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After WAMU Donation, Cheh, Nnamdi, Sherwood Get Inked

"This reminds me of Civil War surgery," the councilmember said.

The Best New Washington Football Team Names (So Far)

Earlier today, the U.S. Patent and Trade Office canceled the trademark registrations for the name of the Washington football team, and since then Twitter has gone mad with proposed new names for the franchise (which, naturally, is appealing the ruling).
Here are some of our favorites:
For your consideration.
— Drunk Predator Drone (@drunkenpredator) June 18, 2014

If you want [...]

Washington Post Local Editor Talks Running, Then Reporting on Boston Marathon

When two bombs went off at the Boston Marathon yesterday afternoon, the Washington Post had already had a reporter on the scene: local editor Vernon Loeb, who had just finished running the marathon himself. Within minutes of the explosions, Loeb had already sent an email about the blasts to Executive Editor Marty Baron, he said [...]

WPFW’s DC Politics Hour Loses a Host

After two and a half years co-hosting WPFW's local news-heavy DC Politics Hour, political consultant Chuck Thies tells City Desk that he's leaving the program after tomorrow's episode.
"I gotta step away from the mic," he says. "I'm not bringing my A-game."
Thies says he's been too busy with consulting work to keep up with local politics [...]

O’er the Ramparts They Watched

Some local luminaries share where they’ll check out fireworks this year:
Ryan Holladay
Ryan Holladay’s band, Bluebrain, made a geo-sensitive musical iPhone app called The National Mall—which is exactly where he’s going. “I realize I’m in the minority of locals on this one, but my favorite place to be on July 4 is downtown to watch the [...]

WAMU Loves Chocolate

Pro tip: If you know someone who works at WAMU and you're looking for a gift to give them, chocolate may be the way to go. There have been hours of chocolatey-goodness in programming on the Kojo Nnamdi Show, the Diane Rehm Show, and NPR's Tell Me More.
Rehm's show was about the threats to the [...]

Moms on the Radio

The only thing better than reading about DC Urban Moms and Dads in Washington City Paper might be listening to a live discussion of the site on the radio. (Reading about the site on the site is also an option.)
Fortunately, Kojo Nnamdi is here to help. Tune in to Monday's Kojo Nnamdi Show on WAMU [...]

Surprise! It’s Senator Chris Dodd, a Captive to Ballet

At the THEARC complex on Mississippi Avenue SE in Ward 8, Kojo Nnamdi, hosting one of his live WAMU-FM Kojo in Your Community programs on Wednesday night and posted online yesterday, began asking audience members about why they like living east of the river and other issues affecting their community.
Nnamdi: Thank you very much, sir. [...]

Lanier Willing to Name City Paper

Just moments ago, appearing on the Kojo Nnamdi show, D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier announced that Washington City Paper had gotten something wrong. In an article about the fact that D.C. cops refuse to name potentially warring crews in Petworth, and that Lanier has asked media not to report the [...]

Chief Cathy Lanier Defends MPD’s Go-Go Report

On WAMU-FM today, host Kojo Nnamdi asked D.C. MPD Chief Cathy Lanier about the "go-go report" her department produces—the latest edition of which City Desk published yesterday. Though MPD officials have, in the past, called the report a useful tool in fighting crime, Lanier mostly brushed off Nnamdi's questions about it, saying it was really [...]

Weekend in Review: You’re Making Me Blush

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli just won't let anyone get sexy, will he? First, he wanted state universities to end discrimination protections for gay people, and now he's even making Roman goddesses more modest.
The Virginian-Pilot reported Saturday that the seal on Cuccinelli's staff pins is different from the one usually used by the state. While [...]

Fenty on WAMU-FM: ‘I’m the One Making the Tough Decisions’

In an appearance this afternoon on WAMU-FM's Politics Hour, Mayor Adrian M. Fenty made as stinging a rebuke to his political ankle-biters as he ever has.
"The difference, I think, between a councilmember and an executive is, you know, I'm the one making the tough decisions," he said in a lively conversation with host Kojo [...]

Omar Karim Gets Heated on Kojo

Embattled developer Omar Karim, in a rare appearance, submitted to journalists' questions today on WAMU's Politics Hour.
Under fire for his ties to Mayor Adrian M. Fenty, Karim answered questions from hosts Kojo Nnamdi and Tom Sherwood with thinly veiled outrage. Karim defended his own credentials and the record of his firm, Banneker Ventures, with an [...]

DPW Responds to Questions About Separation Between Recycling and Trash

Awhile ago, we brought you a story about recycling that routinely gets tossed out with the trash. Well, as you can imagine, we thought this was pretty surprising news: that loads of plastics, paper, bottles and cans dutifully dumped into recycling bins around the city were still ending up at the landfill. The culprits? Some [...]

DPW Goes Through Trash, City Paper Writer Goes on Kojo

Tune in to Kojo Nnamdi tomorrow if you want to learn all the dirty details of recycling in D.C.! Among the scheduled guests: Washington City Paper freelancer Christine MacDonald and D.C. Department of Public Works' recycling officer Bill Easley.
This is a topic near and dear to City Paper's heart, which is why we bring it [...]