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The Needle: Second String Burgers

Security Meat: Big Buns burger joint in Ballston switched the name of its "The RGIII" burger to "The RGIII aka The Kirk Cousins" burger to account for the star quarterback's late-in-the-season sidelining. Harsh. -2
The War Against Yogis: A woman alleges that a theft ring is targeting local yoga studios, threatening serenity across the District. -3

The Needle: Kwame Brown at the Holidays

My Bad: Disgraced ex-Council Chairman Kwame Brown is using the holidays as a chance to proclaim his innocence to his supporters—except as far as his bank fraud goes. He did that.  +1
Going Bald: Pigskins quarterback Kirk Cousins blames his new cropped haircut not on an overzealous teammate with a razor but on a barber who [...]